• I've tried to buy a magnesium supplement here but where I am at the moment is not legal to sell magnesium supplement. About my situation, update: I went to see a cardiologist and he did an echo testing done. He found my heart palp. problem. He said that I have a mild mitral valve prolapse which is a very common case to…
  • No meds. I'm thinking that my Free T3 is way to low and my Free T4 is too high meaning my free t4 isn't converting enough into T3. What's the normal range for TSH?
  • I don't think it's the sodium issue. I've upped my sodium intake to almost 5g minimum around 4g and last night I've experienced dizziness and fast heartbeat again. I drank some salty water. I'm sure I've even reached my limit to 5 or a little more. It stopped after a few minutes but then woke me up in the middle of the…
  • Sodium level was 137.07mmol Potassium was 4.02 mmol
  • I've got the blood work results 2 hrs after they did the ECG Xray and took some blood samples.They didn't find anything wrong. I agree with you, I think I need to relax for now. I've been doing lots of breathing exercise and for the first time I did an exercise again to be positive but just Hatha yoga to take it easy and…
  • I gave up working out, upped my sodium, potassium and my calories to at least 2,000 or so but I'm still getting the heart palpitation and shortness of breath at night. It usually happens at night. I give up!
  • Thank you. They checked my blood for everything including my electrolytes. The doctor said that maybe it's just from stress. I'm assuming that it must be from my cardio workout because I do push ups jumping jacks, etc . I was also doing the 30 day shred cardio workout.
  • Thank you both for responding. I drink like 12 cups or more water per day esp. when I work out. I've increased my Calories now and I'm stopping my cardio exercise for now until I figure things out. I went to see a doctor yesterday to get checked as I was still having a heart palpitation and shortness of breath the whole…
  • Hi sorry is it another tsp of So Low salt or another tsp of Sodium salt like Iodine/Sea Salt? Thank you for your help. I had about half a tsp of So Low salt last night but it didn't work so I had about 1 tsp of Iodine salt but still no luck. I then ate about 20- 30 almonds just in case I needed more calories for the day.…
  • I've been taking Saxon low salt or So low salt which is 66 percent low sodium and half potassium, about half a tsp per day or 1 tsp per day when I exercise. Should I also use a normal salt and take it about half a tsp a day as well? Thanks
  • Thank you all for responding. I just read on the bodybuilding forum that they don't recommend HIIT work out on keto but LISS is ok. I've been doing HIIT for 3 days now but low intensity work out before that and it seems that my body is getting toned much faster on HIIT. I really love the challenge and I feel sad if I can…
  • Is increasing sodium, potassium and magnesium intake a must for long term not just during keto induction? I plan to it a keto diet long term (forever).
  • Woopsie, I mean 80 percent fat
  • I focus more on fat and very little carbs because I find that eating more protein increase my blood glucose.
  • How much salt do I need per day? I never put salt in my food but I've been eating feta/olives though.
  • I take prenatal vitamin. Should I also take magnesium supplement apart from that? Will making 2 cups of broth with lots of salt suffice for getting enough electrolyte?
  • Thanks for responding.