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  • Sadly if it's due to PCOS it won't but a dermatologist can possibly help you keep what you have and if there is something else causing it maybe it can be reversed. I use hair fibers and love them for hiding balding. I have done hair pieces but the fibers are more comfortable if you're in a warm climate. Best of luck with…
  • I use hair fibers for my head
  • I have also found that I can't eat carbs like I used to. I have been trying to eat low amylose and I do get a little hungry, but it's not bad. It is the perfect balance for me because I can have some carbs but they are low glycemic index and I can control what goes I to my mouth.
  • I just started using my account last week and intend to continue logging daily. It is definetely working. I have about 80 lbs to go. I can't be active for at least a couple more weeks. I'm recovering from surgery, but want to start c25k. I'm looking for friends too. Will be happy to send a request.