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  • the butterfly stretch and sleeping like a frog are the only things tha work for me massaging it makes it worse
  • Don't should on yourself as my therapist says. Just do what you can and do better next time. You have still lost 22lbs thats an amazing achievement.
  • No matter how many times you start and stop as long as you still want to loose weight, please keep trying. Sometimes, we just need more information or more motivation. Sometimes our goals have to be reevaluated, and sometimes we have to compromise. Just know that if its important to you it will always be in your mind and…
  • i have the same issues at the gym, i always feel self conscience, i seem to get redder, sweat more and need more breaks than everyone around me. I usually avoid the gym for that reason, I wish i could get over that and feel comfortable.
  • Such a great video...
  • Freestone is the best park, so many ways to walk and diverse group of people and the parks and rec is right across the street so theres always official workers around, weekdays are nice and quiet.
  • I have to tell myself the same things, and I think back to times I was very skinny and very sick and very unhappy! So ill take 40, plump and working on it anyday! Best of luck!
  • I would say modify don't ratify! I have put alot of effort into little results and little effort into great results.
  • I live for Holiday cooking, lol. I really would love to say oh substitute this low fat recipie however im not going to, you may just try adding a fresh green salad, a fruit salad. In addition I would add a lite desert, maybe a jello. It gives a couple of options taht are low in calories just to kind of split up some of the…
  • I wish I could just punch in the mouth all those hateful people but from what I seen its not strangers its the people who are suppose to love us~
  • Cake, i love cake i love birthday cake so no cake, its really just an obsession. :)
  • Elle Mc Pherson she has the most incedibly long legs and im a short girl so there is alot of envy there.
  • Maybe posting the info? Or is that against MFP policy?
  • Its just the hardest place to get rid of, especially for us tummy women. :)
  • I hate drama mamas and attention *kitten*. I have a sister in law from hell, she makes up **** that is wrong with her just to be the sickest person in the room, if you have cancer shes died like ten times ect. Shes so annoying and all we can do is ignore her.
  • The longest journey begins with the first step. You just gotta do it. I over think everything. It's also important to make yourself a priority. So just like brushin your teeth start doing some walking or some gym workouts. Or just start by tracking your calories on here and login everyday, make it a dash board icon, or…
  • I will never look like a six foot tall bombshell no matter how much I loose . :( Il never be stunning, lucious, or a knock out. I will always be cute, adorable, sweet, So it may take u a while to show a weight loss, but it also takes a while to show a gain! Trade off I guess. :happy: :laugh: :laugh:
  • So she got a one eyed hamster and put her in her purse
  • I am considering a 5k in honor of Chelsea King, in march . anyone else?
  • Maybe I guess it depends on how many calories you eat regularly. Yes I actually just tracked my calories for 2 mnths and lost 15 lbs. I am excersizing now amd havent lost as much so who knows.
  • I lov e pb but i am allergic to it, soooo i only eat it in very small quantities like reeces pieces a couple. :(
  • I dont drink water or anything while i walk, I will hydrate before. I also take short breaks, also I drink water after. Sometimes my hands will swell while im walking, I think its too much sodium?
  • hi there live in mesa trying this out, Just watching calories and adding a little cardio
  • I really feel its just as important to like who we re on the inside! Weight loss is like a micro mirror sometimes we need to take it off ourselves and concentrate on others, the best way is to rach out to someone else and be a good friend, when we give we receive.
  • Also I find that if i DONT eat enough in the day time I really feel like overeating once I am in bed at night, I finally slow down enough to realize omg Im hungry! I try to stock the house with good cereal and yogurt and something crunchy like pretzles to help get me threw cravings. Add some banannas to your cereal.
  • Honey slow and steady wins the race. Try and focus on the internal you, Be a loving wife, a happy mommy and don't try and be perfect. None of us are. Beauty is on the inside. There is so much more to every woman out here than just here physical body. Ok try and remember you are a newlywed and that comes with alot of…