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  • I second Brain Over Binge. You can find lots of info online through Google and YouTube about it. I read up on the concept of "urge surfing ". Almost 2 months binge free right now. Keep trying. You will find something that works for you...just don't give up!
  • It cut me off.... Keep going are inspiring many others to do the same....myself included!!
  • 20 days with no late night snacking!!! This is amazing!!! We need to give you a standing ovation!!!
  • @Optasia awesome progress!!! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you!
  • Thanks for the adds! Looking forward to getting to know everyone! I find having people to share this journey with is key! So if you need your butt kicked every once in awhile and are willing to kick me back when needed....let me hear from ya!
  • Great job making it 2 days!! I've had good luck with the concept of "urge surfing "...Google for a better explanation. Basically is the concept that urges pass and learning to work your way through them. I was introduced to the idea in reading about the book "brain over binge". So in case you are a researcher type...there…
  • I really struggle with binge eating too. It's a topic not many can understand. I've been researching and trying all kinds of different ideas to help with binge eating. The thing that is really working for me right now is "urge surfing ". You can Google that topic and read up on it for yourself. I've made it over 3 weeks…
  • You are a rock star girlie!!
  • Your progress and dedication is very motivating! Keep at it!!
  • Sent you a request! Looking forward to getting to know you and tackling this journey!!
  • That's fantastic! Have fun struttin' your little b-day self around in some smaller jeans! You Go Girl!!!
  • Hello! Great topic! I have nursed 2 little ones, and I just want to tell you that the worst thing you can do is compare your body or calorie needs to someone else. Every baby and woman is different, and it really takes time to figure out the balance. I had a very difficult time with maintaining milk supply while losing…
  • Oh no! I hope he gets better soon (for both of your sakes). It is so stressful when one of our furry children are sick. Kind of like when babies are sick....they can't tell you how they feel. :( I agree with the second opinion...especially since he has been on antibiotics already. Hope you can find the vet tech group and…
  • Wow! Lots of support! I'm feeling the love! And lots of Midwestern gals on here! Thanks so much for the replies! I'll get to work friend-ing (? is that a word) you all!!! Looking forward to cheering each other on!!!! ~Kim
  • Hi Kelly! I'm a Hoosier too! And....have over 100 to lose! Welcome to MFP...I'll try to figure out how to add you as a friend. I'm new to this! :)