I want to be a Major Loser!

Hi from northwest Indiana!
I'm 45 years old, 5'2" and I weight 231. My goal weight is 120.So my goal is to lose over 100 POUNDS! I want to feel good and feel good about myself. I need to get off of my blood pressure meds and bring my sugar levels down. I want to fit in an airplane seat, wear a bikini on the beach that will make my hubby swoon, and get a belly ring! :)) I have a lot to lose and everything to gain. Any and all support would be so welcome and if I can do anything to support anyone else, please let me know. If there's anyone else here who wants to lose more than 50 pounds, please let me know that i am not alone!
Thanks and nice to meet you!


  • Christinesyear
    Christinesyear Posts: 100 Member
    Hello Kelly!
    Sounds like we're pretty "twin-ey"! I'm 5'5" and stand to lose over 100 pounds as well. I love your goals! I'll send you a friend request :)
  • ShrinkingSusan
    ShrinkingSusan Posts: 41 Member
    Hey, Kelly! Welcome to MFP! You will find awesome and supportive folks here to help you along the way.

    I am a bit taller at 5'7", but I am working to shave at least 80 more pounds off. I, too, want my hubby to swoon over me in a bikini. I will get there... One bite, one step, one day at a time.
  • chellefatfree
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    Hey! I am also looking to loose between 50-65 lbs! You can add me!!
  • SlimKim11
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    Hi Kelly! I'm a Hoosier too! And....have over 100 to lose! Welcome to MFP...I'll try to figure out how to add you as a friend. I'm new to this! :)