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anzielinger Member


  • I went up a pound from week 1 and I don't thinks its muscle. I totally fell off the band wagon last week - hardly any exercise and poor food choices - but it's a new week and I'm going to turn it around today! @Liekel - Way to go!! Keep up the good work. You are going to be my inspiration this week :-)
  • Thanks for the clarification. WOW! 28 days straight - you are strong!! I bet you got some awesome results. I'll have to try it your way.
  • This is a great idea!! I'm up for the challenge :)
  • What do you guys think about alternating 30DS with a cardio day? Or do you still think your body need a solid 'do not exercise' rest day every 3/4 days
  • Sorry a little late to check in but here are my stats: Username/Real Name: alahham/Anzie Starting Weight: 150 Current Weight: 141 Goal Weight: 128-125 Mini(halfway)Goal Weight, (if any): 132 Why do you want to lose the weight? I am getting married at the end of October and want to look great in my wedding dress. I want…
  • I love JM’s workouts, they are so tough!! I could definitely use the motivation to keep me on track! Feel free to add me too :-)
  • I use the C25K and the Runkeeper app on my iphone simultaneously. Runkeeper is a GPS tracker app that is free (yay!) they also have a website ( that you can manual enter your route if you don't have smart phone. I run outside but I think it also has a treadmill option (not sure tho!) It tells me…
    in C25K Comment by anzielinger August 2012
  • I prefer to work out on an empty stomach; but that is only because I work out at 5am and can't imagine getting up any earlier just to eat something and then wait a few minute to let it settle in my tummy and THEN start my workout. I love my sleep too much for that! :-) But I think you could argue both situations have…
  • Thank you so much!! I've been getting so bored with my normal routine but I love oatmeal. Oatmeal has the 'stick to your bones' quality that keeps hunger at bay.
  • Me too! I think the Nuvaring is the best - but expensive. I only have to think about it once a month.
  • Thank you for starting this group!! I love the idea of the C25K program and Jillian Michael's DVDs. I ran my first 5k in mid July but really haven't done much running since. But I'm open to other ideas too! I agree, weekly challenges would be a great idea.