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  • SW 168 GW 150..have plateueued for over 6 months now. 11/13 158lbs. Trying to get back into a good vibe and good choices. Too many milky way mini snacks while I cleaned after dinner today. Need to curb that
  • Hello, Need a challenge to get things moving. I plan on logging all my food this month, limiting myself to one drink a day, one bagel a week and ordering lunch at work once a week. Let's see if those changes help. Also, doing stairs twice a day at work and getting in 150 squats while on break at work. May Start Weight: 166…
  • Hello. Trying to lose some weight before getting pregnant again. Original starting weight - 164 March starting weight - 157 March goal -152 Ultimate goal - 140 3rd - 157
  • SW 164 October goal: 158 Ultimate Goal: 145 10/1- 162.8
  • STARTING WEIGHT WITH MFP : 155 DATE: 1/2013 CHALLENGE STARTING WEIGHT: 164 Sept. 4 - Sept. 11 - Sept. 18 - Sept. 25 -164 September goal - September loss - Oct. 2 - Oct. 9 - Oct. 16 - Oct. 23 - Oct. 30 - October goal - 157 October loss - Nov. 6 - Nov. 13 - Nov. 20 - Nov. 27 - November goal - 151 November loss - Dec. 4 -…
  • Hello everyone, desperately need to get back on track. Starting weight: 153 Current weight: 164 Goal weight : 145
  • SW: 165 CW: 162 GW: 140 I plan on eating "mindfully." I find that I am always reading or watching TV or chasing after my toddler when I eat. I plan on just sitting down and eating when I can and focusing on my meal. I hope to learn to control my portions that way and not let my snacking get a way from me.
  • Starting weight :165 Current weight :162 November goal :155 Ultimate goal :140 11th : 18th : 25th :
  • Any loss is good. you should be proud of yourself.
  • Still 158lbs. No weight loss this past month. (baby is 3 months old now). But starting to log religiously and making trying to cut sugars. Making exercise a priority. Ready to get back in shape!
  • I made it a priority to hit the gym today. I work a flip flopping schedule, some nights, some days at a hospital and napping before work was important. I overslept and was going to skip the gym because my workout would be short...but got myself up and ran out the door anyway. Got to the gym for a 30 min instead of 60 min…
  • I am going over like every other day, but I am sticking with logging. Its good for me to see where I am mindlessly grazing, or mindlessly jumping on junk food when Im hungry.
  • First day and going strong. I forget how much logging everything puts what you eat into perspective. I have definitely said, "no" to several temptations today to stay within goal.
  • Baby is 12 weeks today. I was doing lots of walking while at home with her, but now back to work for 2 weeks and of course the weight loss has stalled. Starting to diligently log now and will hit the gym next week now that they will watch her (they only take babies after 3mo old). Lets do this ladies! The holidays are…
  • Hello all. I am due July 2nd with bay #2. I gained about 30lbs with first one, and was not able to lose the last 5lbs. Starting off with a high BMI (26.5). So hoping to only gain 15-20lbs with this one. Definitely overindulged over the holidays, now focusing on whole foods cooked at home, and lots of walking and light…
  • Joining a bit late, but up to the challenge: CW 155lb GW 145lb UGW 140lbs Really need to focus on this these two months. Going on a beach trip with girlfriends end of june. So excited about it!
  • What a group! Please add me on, going on a bachelorette party trip to the beach June 18th and need motivation to lose the baby weight ( toddler is now 18mo.)
  • Hi, I'm 5'4", 31yrs. CW:155 GW:135 F. We can work together.
  • Great job!!! Keep going, you are so close.
  • Look into gluten-free diets. I read that there may be a connection between thyroid and gluten causing inflammation and slowing down metabolism.
  • It looks like we got a good group of people here. I am looking to lose 25lbs by summer. Want pre-baby body back and going on a beach getaway with some friends for a bachelorette party, so want to look great!
  • Congrats! Sticking to it takes a lot! You should be extremely proud of yourself for getting so far!
  • I am 5'4 and 160lbs. Want to lose 25lbs. I had a baby 15mo ago and haven't been able to lose the 10 I am over form pre- pregnancy weight. BKennedy8q - I hear you. I keep blaming it on the baby, but it's been a long time. Time to be held accountable!
  • I'm in. I know that with me, one drink leads to two, then three, then more food. So it spirals out of control. Lets try no Alcohol for a month!
  • 160 lbs in for this challenge. Need to lose 20 total
  • I got a good workout in today AND yesterday, so feeling those sore abs. Got a 30 min jog in today. Plan to try to do some legs tomm. Already seeing some results!
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  • Hi everyone. I am a 30 (soon to be 31 year old) mom of an 11 month old girl. I have been completely unable to lose the last 10lbs after having the baby. I had some issues with my thyroid, but that seems to be better now with medication. So there are no more excuses. I am a nurse and work the night shift, so finding time to…
  • Thank you for sharing. This is very inspiring. You are beautiful and strong and smart, able to plan, achieve, push yourself and overcome. Keep it up, you are making such good progress!
  • HI, I'd like to lose 10 lbs in 5 weeks. Im 30 yrs old 159 lbs. Plan on strict diet and working out for 50 min 4 times a week
  • Good luck on your journey! -Make sure to get in some exercise most days of the week. As you get stronger and more fit and notice your body changing, you'll be encouraged to do more and eat healthier. -Incorporate weight training into your routine 3 times a week- your body will FEEL leaner and you'll feel sexier. -Try to…
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