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  • Thank you for the AMA! You look absolutely fantastic. All of your responses have been so insightful and motivational. Out of curiosity, did you injure yourself at any point during your process? If so, what worked well for you to stay on track and reach your goals?
  • Aside from weight loss, was there any other reason (i.e. medical) for putting you on a 1000 calorie diet? Also, did she provide you guidelines on what types of food you should be eating or was her main focus the calorie intake? While there are a lot of reputable dieticians out there, there are some who may not have a full…
  • I have just started running again and found this to be pretty motivating: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running
  • I agree that his comment may not have been the brightest and that he is probably using it as an excuse to not make a healthy change. However, one thing that is important for you to keep in mind is that when it comes to fitness and being healthy, you need to come first and do what you can to focus on you. As you continue to…
  • Hi! I've been on and off so often that I need something to help me stick to my goals and this seems perfect! SW: 162 CW: 159.3 GW: 135