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  • To the topic of working "for" and company in one state, but "working from home" from another. I wonder what complicating factors there may be with the IRS.
  • When I was sewing masks, one style was different from anything sold. One friend saw them and asked for some specifically because of the issue with his earring aids and them getting pulled out. @kshama2001 DD and SIL used to live in NYC and SIL worked for a very large company. Two years ago, they moved to the Boston area…
  • Hmmm Looks like I never posted myself on the 13th. It was a good day with 4+ mile walk (testing new 140 bpm songs) and calories tracked and under goal. Three yes!
  • @readyornot1234 Yes, indeed it is the 4th that moves you to the champions category and I agree that having the two recognitions supports us doing our best!
  • @maltedtea Was starting to worry about you. Glad to see your post!
  • Sunday again. It’s now the 13th and we are at almost halfway through the June Challenge. On the 4th, we touched upon tracking, the “why” and how does it help you. How is your tracking going? For those who might be looking for new ideas, how do you approach your tracking?
  • Three yeses today for me. I’ve come to believe that there is no right or wrong answer for when one should weigh or not. Ultimately, what is most important it that the decision supports ones goals. For me, my weighing is directly correlated to my attitude. If I am not weighing, then I am avoiding, which means healthy…
  • Heard a different variation on vaccination reaction today. Hubby was talking to a friend that we have not seen since prior to the pandemic. Apparently in February, the friend contracted COVID, was very sick and was knocked down for 10 days. Even after the initial recovery, he continued to not be 100% for weeks UNTIL he got…
  • Methods I use on trips can vary depending on the type of trip and what I have access to Things I do* i pack "safe" preportioned options to have available when needed. I might include items like single serving almond butter, protein bars, 100 cal "treat" bags with chips, pretzels, etc. If I have access to a fridge, i might…
  • My assistant……
  • @biketheworld Isn't that wonderful
  • Three yes for today and pleased with myself. Had to clean up house again for real estate people, meet with them, pack & drive to maine, unload/unpack, go out to dinner and have guest back for dessert. Fit in 10 min indoor bike early AM and then 2 mile walk after the unload/unpack, and ate only planned tracked foods. Passed…
  • Finding some time today to better catch up on all the UAC posts. I wanted to take a moment and reach out to @shadowcookie1023 @josuabennett1983 @quillseek @cassy19fairy @theglwup @fmatti7 @maryf50 @suz_8589 @craftyislandgal @tenngal85 who are new June members who have been quiet recently. Hope to see you all soon!
  • Today, I am opening with the perpetual debate, whether to weigh or not weigh. What relationship with the scale works for you?
  • Thank you Maddie. I do like dark chocolate. I'll have to give this a try!
  • Three yes today. Day was rather broken up and no time for a single exercise period, so I jumped on the bike three times throughout the day doing 3 miles each time. Got in 35 minutes of exercise. Tracking and calories were both good.
  • @rangerrickL Really glad you are accomplishing much of what you hoped to. Our Real Estate is showing up here again this morning to follow up on our next steps.
  • @clutterqueen @madisonmolly2017 The analogy is perfect. I remember it from my WW years. It is very visual and gets the point across well. All or nothing mental attitude is a challenging one and it is one I struggle with all the time. I'll try to see breaking my day into segments helps overcome it.
  • Yesterday, @Oofta_1507 asked about tips for “not too crazy indulging while on vacation”. I thought that might be a great topic for today given that the next season is just around the corner, and in the Northern hemisphere that means summer and vacations. What vacation tips might you all have to share?
  • @MadisonMolly2017 Any chocolate recommendations? I have obviously blow my opening question today. Two for two are interpreting it that I am seeking advice for this exact woman. As I replied to Chinkiri's concerns, my intent was that the ideas could actually be helpful for our newest members or those struggling. I should…
  • @MadisonMolly2017 great information. thanks for sharing this! and as long as walking doesn't make me dislike chocolate, I'm all in.
  • So this is the morning of the 10th and "my wish I knew" came to me. I wish I realized that I can lose weight and be healthy while eating regular food. :)
  • mask, no mask, vaccinated, not vaccinated. This article was published in the Boston Globe yesterday. Do with it what you wish. :)
  • @chinkiri Sorry my opening post was confusing. I told the woman's story as background and thought I was careful in posing the question in a neutral state. My question is not directed towards this woman. I will be out of it, totally. But as I reflected on my earlier in the day conversation, I got thinking about it and the…
  • So today’s question is going to look rather similar to yesterday’s “what do you wish you learned sooner”. But I do think it is different. Your answers will decide if that is the case. :P Today’s question comes from a conversation that I had with my friend about her friend who is having a hard time; getting divorced after…
  • Reporting in. So this evening, during my recent difficult "9 pm" habit, I popper a bag of microwave popcorn and drank club soda mixed with diet cran-mango drink. Solidly under and almost 4 miles walk today. So yes for today. So 4 pass, 5 non-pass. argh BUT I am doing well on my apple rings, out of the 9 I have only missed…
  • It doesn’t count as motivational, but it’s on my desk and thought you all may enjoy. Hubby is less impressed with the concept. :p
  • I'll be needing to go back through all these posts and collect the great quotes. Some I have heard before and many many new ones along the way. @whatmerunning I loved the "too tough to kill" component of your quote. I need to embrace that. @Bill70sStrong Great quote, but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough for a quote tatoo.…
  • Two days in a row. The 9 pm, working on the next day opener is triggering. Another nope. No 4 passes this month already. But I am still super pleased that daily exercise has become a daily given.
  • I am impressed with the thoughtful responses. It was a comparatively heavy topic. Something I wonder about is how this Self Efficacy concept could relate to another concept I heard about maybe 6 months ago. That concept was to identify oneself as x. For example if you want to eat healthier, instead of thinking "I want to…