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  • Since it's the area of the heart, your doctor will probably want you to get checked out. I've had pain in my chest from anxiety since not long after the beginning of the pandemic :( I preferred it when stress manifested in my back - that was just inconvenient and did not provoke more anxiety. EKG and ECHO were normal for…
  • Yes, if someone suspects an iron deficiency they should get blood work done and proceed from there. And don't be like me and let years go by without testing. Although why my VA doctors in Florida didn't test me regularly is beyond VA doctors in MA are good about that.
  • I'd first like to rule out issues other than hormones: 1. How much weight do you want to lose total and what weekly weight loss goal did you select? 2. What are your fiber and protein goals and how well do you hit them?
  • Yes, this is what I meant by "using the pan in non-standard ways" - thanks.
  • While I can talk about depression anytime, heads up that this thread was started 9 years ago and hopefully the OP has since found a solution.
  • My understanding is that significant metabolism changes only happen under extreme circumstances, like losing half your body weight really quickly as they do on The Biggest Loser. Also, if someone does a lot of yoyoing and loses a lot of muscle each time, that could make things more challenging, but not insurmountable.…
  • I make my own stock in a crock pot simply because it is far superior to anything available in the supermarket. I save bones in the freezer until I need to make a batch. Occasionally I will buy raw beef bones for this purpose and it is even more amazing. If I could find them cheaper I'd do this more often, but I'm fairly…
  • My lowest weight of the month is a few days into my period, so that is what I call my true weight. But I could just as easily use the highest point of my cycle, which is when I ovulate. Also, rather than comparing yourself to last WEEK, it may help you mentally to compare yourself to the same point in your cycle from last…
  • My too. I learned this by logging daily.
  • I haven't eaten a fast food burger since watching Food, Inc.
  • Another vote for this ^
  • Save your money - see my last post.
  • I know you mean well, but if someone has a serious medical condition like iron deficiency CAST IRON WILL NOT HELP. I'm anemic despite cooking with cast iron pans all my life. While you might get a little extra iron this way, that's only if you are using the pan in non-standard ways.
  • Yes, that's the whole point.
  • Again, you should reread your notifications. I've reviewed this thread and noticed some missing posts, which weren't of "you" having healthy discourse.
  • Ps - you should reread your notifications. I've reviewed this thread and noticed some missing posts, which weren't of "you" "venting."
  • I could come on here and vent all I want about my boss (who is not on MFP) and that would be fine. However, we must play nice with other posters. I've been reluctant to contribute to this thread because you've attacked me repeatedly. That would be less of an issue for me if this thread were in Debate (although there are…
  • You should get your levels of B12 and iron tested. If you can email your provider, send the picture of your hair in clumps. Iron deficiency can be very serious - it put me in the ER last year for an emergency blood transfusion, followed by a series of infusions. As a vegan, your dietary sources of iron will be all…
  • You're right, there's a lot of info out there. I'm a big fan of keeping it simple and have two recommendations to aid that: 1. Use MFP to set your calories. How much weight to you want to lose? 2. Use the MFP default macros to start. (50% from carbohydrates, 20% from protein and 30% from fat.) Some people do like to boost…
  • Have you asked your doctor to refer you to a registered dietitian? (Not a nutritionist if you are in the US.) Meanwhile, here are some suggestions: ...For starters, consider avoiding artificial trans fats, processed meats, and fried…
  • Thanks! That's just a gimmick PetSmart grooming does (or did in 2017 anyway) for new customers ;) If you have a PetSmart your dog could be a cover model too!
  • Actually, by this time recreational marijuana was legal in my state as well - no script needed. Just checked about a recreational facility - government issued ID is required to get in the inner door there as well.
  • I grew up with this, but the portions were appropriate. It became a problem when I started eating in American restaurants where the portions are just way too big. These days I'm pretty good about planning to just eat half. (Of course, I haven't been to a restaurant in ages and prior to the pandemic we had slowed down on…
  • If the age Mom was given when she adopted him was accurate, he is 18 years old. Here he was 4 years ago: For a while, Mom had good success mixing ground beef, chicken, or turkey in with his dry food. I think on other occasions, or perhaps simultaneously, she added warm chicken stock as well.
  • I remember being notified of it at the time (in 2018) and needing to update my password. Here's more: And more:…
  • Welcome! I've learned that I don't find fat especially filling so feel full for less calories when I swap some fat for protein and carbs with fiber.
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