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  • I totally get that. I was just thinking that it was an interesting observation For myself that I definitely moved a lot less after running. I hadn't actually realised it until I looked at the time of day when I was getting my steps in. I'm not worried about the overall level of movement, it's definitely better for me to…
  • Made a great soup that has been lunch and dinner all weekend. Chorizo, lentil and tomato soup. So good. I've given up meat over the last 6 months or so, and this was the first I'd had for a while, but was totally worth it. I found a recipe on the dish website and just adapted it with what I had in the cupboard. Used 1…
  • I guess it's all about listening to your body. Are you getting really tired when exercising? Maybe increase your calories, change the timing of eating or increase protein or carbs... depending on which helps you get through the day. I find I need to hydrate before I exercise or I get dizzy. In terms of taking a break, I…
  • Thanks for suggesting this. I've done some of the speed sessions (on a treadmill) and actually really enjoyed them. The Spotify playlists that go with each session have been enjoyable as well. There's a bit too much talking at times but I really like the sessions, and they didn't kill me like I thought they would.
  • I wasn't sure if it was "normal" to do less after a run...or so much less anyway. Glad to know it's not just me. I made an effort today to move more after my run, and it wasn't easy!
  • It's only a 10 minute drive home. And where I work is in a busy part of the city with nowhere nice to run, and only on pavement. My usual route is around the lake...nice area, safe, grass. But I could do this, I just need to plan a route I guess. If I run first, given that I run for about 90 minutes, by the time I would…
  • @owieprone I've done two hiit sessions on the hill as you suggested. Really did not enjoy them but today's 10km run was 7 minutes faster than my previous so I'll keep doing them occasionally. It may also have helped that I had two rest days in a row due to bad planning. I've increased the number of weights sessions as…
  • I had pf for about 6's just gone away over the last few weeks. I was told by the physio to never go barefoot or wear slip ons. He showed me how to strap it, and that meant I could carry on exercising. I googled a couple of different strapping methods and combined them to find a way that worked for me. I also…
  • It's not the cold that's the problem with winter, it's the shorter days. I don't run in the dark, freaks me out too much! By the time I get home from work I'm lucky to have an hour of light left. By the time I get home, change etc it's 45 mins max. And rain. I'm ok running in the rain but if it's thundering, which happens…
  • @owieprone there's a steep hill on my running route that I could use. I usually take the gentle uphill alternative but like the idea of sprinting up it and walking down. I can change my direction of running to anti-clockwise and incorporate this at the end of a run. I hate treadmills but with winter coming I know I'll be…
  • @LtHammerhead no I haven't looked at Nike. I'll check it out. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a go...MWFS will work at the moment. I did a good 6k today slightly faster than previously. I think slowly increasing my total mileage will help too. Looking forward to seeing my place gradually get better!
  • Thanks. I'll give this a go. @LtHammerhead Would I do it after a long slow run day, or after a rest day? I generally have a rest day after my longer run.
  • This is interesting...I definitely look down at the ground. I am doing a 5k today, so I'll focus on posture. Will have to keep reminding myself to look up.
  • Yes, boot camp is mainly strength training...squats, lunges, resistance band work, and core strengthening etc. I do that twice a week for an hour with our training group. I might need to just push a little harder to get more out of it.
  • Thanks for this. I've tried various ways of mixing up my speed. Might carry on and just up my base distance a bit every day.
  • Good to know there are others that run at or near my speed. It's a bit disheartening to always get overtaken! I'll mix up my speed and distance and see how I go.
  • Ditto for the rolling with a spiky foot ball. This worked wonders for me. I also found a method of strapping that worked for me...a combination of two methods shown by physios. And ditto for never having bare feet...I wear supportive shoes all the time. I strap my foot at night and this seems to really help.
  • What are eggbeaters?
  • I finally jumped on the scales and discovered the damage wasn't as bad as expected. I'm 5kg heavier than when we went into lockdown in March, but that's actually ok with me. So. I'm back on the program, refreshed and ready to go again. I've had a long break! It's been a ride....too much to tell but let's park it and move…
  • We livestream the lessons but also do some pre-recording. There's a lot more preparation to do for each lesson and a lot more checking up of work to do. Making sure they're working is hard when you can't see what they're doing. So the workload has increased significantly. Not's keeping me busy and…
  • Yep. Definitely feeling this. I am a control freak and hate feeling out of control. My daily steps have decreased as I'm sitting all day in front of a screen instead of walking around the classroom so that's thrown up its own challenges. But I've really tightened up on logging and I think it's to regain a sense of control.
  • Not really a doom and despair post but it's been a rough few weeks. NZ went into total lockdown and we had two days to get our online classes up and running. My oldest decided not to come back to NZ and he's now in lockdown in England by himself. Upside of that is the daily chat I get with him which was only a weekly chat…
  • Hope that you've gotten through this week ok. Enjoy the memories of good times together 😁
  • @speyerj I could only get one because I came home to eat it. It was well-planned but didn't do the trick! I also bought a tonne of vegetables from the market so that's what was on hand to eat next. Luckily Sunday is my shopping day so there was nothing else to eat in the house.
  • Today I've been in a constant state of hunger. Actual, physical, stomach rumbling hunger. It's totally crazy. I have no idea why. I thought it may have been mental so I went to the farmers market and spent far too many calories on a crepe made by this amazing Dutch guy. Best crepes ever, with nutella. (This was after my…
  • I hadn't thought about it like that. That makes sense I guess. Annoying.
  • I had a weird comment today. A colleague whom I don't know very well and has commented a few times about my loss, saw me eating a biscuit (we get provided biscuits and fruit at morning tea) and said " well, if you're eating one, that means I can too and not feel guilty". What? She had no idea what else I'd eaten this…
  • I like the idea of doing something extra for Lent as well as giving something up. I think an exercise or meditation goal is a good one. Start a good habit as well as break one. Food for thought.
  • We finally had rain today. It's been over 50 days since we had any rainfall and we got a thunderstorm! To celebrate the cooling weather I made a large batch of pumpkin soup and went for a walk in the rain. Just to enjoy the fact it was finally raining! Didn't last long but that smell....loved it. Hopefully we don't go…
  • @bmeadows380 INGREDIENTS 1 large egg plus 1 egg white 60 g (2 oz) polenta ½ teaspoon salt 150 ml (5 fl oz) sour cream 150 g (5 oz) corn kernels, fresh or tinned 2 spring onions, sliced 12 oysters, out of the shell (drain off juice) butter or oil for frying 1 tablespoon finely sliced chives METHOD Mix egg and white with…