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  • I wouldnt, actually. I would rather lose at a slow and steady pace than think faster is better (although I think differences acheived by IF are minimal anyway, for same calorie intake) - and do so in a way that suits my eating style long term 3 months is a good start - but hardly long term. and 3lb per week (34 in under 3…
  • in 7 years of being on this forum I have not seen any post saying carbs are only bread. maybe there have been some, I haven't read every single thread - but not sure where these 'some people' are. I dont think it is something that needed to be distinguished. :* Nothing wrong with eating bread - nothing wrong with not…
  • I am Australian. Root beer is similar to sarsaparilla?? - we have that as a soft drink here. Not overly keen on it myself though.
  • that's fine, my post wasnt directed at anyone in particular. I don't have a cat, so will let you all continue on then.....
  • I'm not familiar with root beer, seems it might have higher sodium content. Diet coke does not. 40mg per can is about 13mg per 100ml - same as pepsi max and I would guess, most other soft drinks Really not a high sodium item - well less than a slice of bread, for example.
  • Thread title says hyperthyroid - that would be too much, not too little ( hypo) Not sure if typo or misuse of word? Or other posters misread, went off on tangent? Hyperthyroid in humans does not cause weight gain, quite the reverse. People get fidgety, anxious, can't stay still, can't sleep- over-activity.
  • Eating out will always be a guestimate.
  • No I dont think anyone said if you feel dizzy you should ignore it. I think you should experiment with what works for you - if skipping breakfast makes you feel dizzy - don't do it. If you are concerned about the possibility of diabetes, get a fasting blood test done
  • What I will do is wear a mask when and where and as recomended by the health authorities where I live
  • there seems a bit of confusion here - the poster you quoted was getting a pre employment medical - of course the doctor wasn't going to discuss weight management in detail or do a referral or anything else , he/sh e isnt even the patient's treating doctor, it is a company paid pre employment assessment, not a medical…
  • Could be the carbonation, what else you have with it, some anomaly or unknown component, who knows. It isnt the sodium though if you are drinking any regular brand of diet soda - none of them have sodium levels different to most other beverages, including tap water.
  • the risk to children is very low - both in terms of themselves and in terms of them transmitting it to others - so, No, I don't agree masking children or on account of children is the best protection for others. I have no issues with children being vaccinated once the vaccine is available to them - not sure where that…
  • well done. great progress both of you. :)
  • Jess, I really dont think that is why. we vaccinate young children against many diseases. I think the fact that the risk to children is very low and herd immunity from vaccinating other age groups will benifit them too, means masking up on account of children is considered unneccesary.
  • Are you diabetic? If not, then there is no need really to employ a strategy to keep you blood sugar level steady - your pancreas will for that for you. I am not a breakfast skipper either - except occasionally on weekends when I have combined late breakfast/early lunch. what we call brunch if skipping meals does not work…
  • Which ones have high sodium content?? This issue has been brought up before and nutrition labels of popular sodas have not been any higher in sodium than most other beverages, including tap water.
  • I drink equivalent of 2 or 3 cans of diet soda per week. No issues so will continue on doing so.
  • Eating healthy and being 'relatively active' doesn't mean you cannot be eating more calories than you burn - which will lead to weight gain. Yes, different racial groups ( and genders and ages) can have slightly different best BMI ranges - that is the sort of thing we mean by context. Quite possible an older Asian woman…
  • Muscle and joint pains are a relatively common side effect. Sounds like it is probably that. If the pain gets worse see a doctor- just in case it is cardiac, unrelated to the vaccine. Not likely though
  • Is anybody disputing that you can still get it? That goes for just about all vaccines - you can still get whatever disease but usually FAR less severely. Your chances of getting it are less and if you do, it is likely to be MUCH less severe. yes you can still pass it on - but you risk of doing so is FAR reduced.
  • I dont eat burgers - but a home made burger wouldnt be that calorie dense would it? You could have one for dinner every night if you wanted to - I mean, boring and repetitive but not difficult to fit in calorie wise as a meal, maybe with low calorie green salad on the side. Icecream I do have regularly - I buy pre packaged…
  • I dont understand this sentence - do you mean at different times, or what? Anyway I will play along - I dont think there is any problem with guestimating if that works for you Guestimating is fine as long as results are going as expected ie in real life you are losing, maintaining, gaining as expected over time. I dont…
  • A lot of strawmen in that post Nobody was commenting on sexy or beautiful- I hope no doctors are approaching weight loss from those angles. And nobody was promoting telling anyone they were ugly or promoting weight loss to look or feel sexy. Nor was anyone saying there are not other health risks or that weight is the only…
  • OP has not visited the forum since 2015. Discussing depression is good - but directly replies specifically to OP is probably going to go unread by her.
  • I think we should want practical and easy to use measurements and people to interpret them in context- seems to me BMI fits that. Of course there are people and circumstances where more advanced measurements are suitable too - but BMI is a good guide and easy and practical to use.
  • Nobody is just naturally heavier very far out of BMI range,(slightly out, yes that is possible for some people, but not very far) regardless of how healthy they eat or their lifestyle is or how much their friends weigh.
  • No - it shows you the country has an obesity problem, not that BMI is a broken system. Normal in this context should be the range at which people (barring obvious outliers) are a healthy weight and sure, genetics plays a part in your body shape - some people are a larger frame than others - that's why healthy BMI is a…
  • adding to the comments (although perhaps mtaratoot was right and should leave alone ) No we don't all know BMI is crap we all know, I hope, that it should be used in context. Yes there can be outliers - elite body builders and suchlike who carry a much larger muscle mass and will be incorrectly labelled obese - but I think…