Day 17: Thursday, 10-9-14



  • LaurieWrobo
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    Hello Everyone!
    Weigh in is tonight, been drinking water - up to 24 oz. so far - will hit 48 or 64 oz. by the time the day is done and hitting a zumba class later this evening for an hour - should be a great one!
  • lalepepper
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    Day 16 wasn't so good for me. Supervisor took us out to lunch and although myself and two other coworkers split a steak 3 ways, I was still full the remainder of the day and didn't eat dinner. I've noticed that I don't eat enough during the day to keep my metabolism up.

    Actually, your metabolism won't slow by any noticeable level simply because you don't eat for a few hours. Eating small meals more frequently is a great way to manage hunger and keep yourself energized, but you won't go in to "starvation mode" simply due to delaying a meal or skipping one. As long as at the end of the day, you're consuming the right amount of calories, vitamins, and minerals, it doesn't make a big difference metabolically when/how often you eat barring any medical concerns. Listening to your hunger levels is a very important thing that is easy to lose sight of with all the recommendations on how to do everything "right" - I say good on you for not forcing yourself to eat. Personally I got caught up in the frequent meals idea at first and almost always ended up eating over. I also felt nauseous and bloated all the time because I was eating when my body wasn't interested. Now I normally fast for 16 hours a day (eating my alotted calories from 3-11PM), and have continued to have good energy levels, work out regularly, and improve my overall health. Do what works best for you B)

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    lalepepper wrote: »
    Listening to your hunger levels is a very important thing that is easy to lose sight of with all the recommendations on how to do everything "right"

    i completely agree, for a long time i had to eat when the opportunity to eat came along due to the nature of my job, and the long hours ment that if i didnt eat when i could then i would get too hungry and blood sugar levels dropped and i would end up eating anything and everything and way too much.

    This has created a problem in my eating pattern and relationship with food, i dont eat because im hungry i eat because there is food, and stopping when im full is equally a problem for me too.
  • aprilh47
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    any way today i did good, i have a very sweet tooth and made chocolate brownies and portioned them as i would allow myself to have as a treat. Ive never used beetroot in brownies before but they taste great, and as long as the kids dont scoff the lot, i can allow myself a small piece as an when.
    Stuck well within my calorie goal, and hours karate class completed.
  • princessmommy122
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    I stayed within my cals and ran four miles. Good luck tomorrow everyone!
  • justdebbie1
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    Today was my day off from work and didn't get all my water or all my steps. Will be working harder tomorrow.
    Looking forward to the weigh in on Sunday.
  • everydamnday
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    Already at 1500 calories all before noon! I was a hungry girl this morning!
    I had an hour long crossfit class that totally wiped me out as well.

    SO I am going to amp up my workouts today & get another one in to balance out my calorie intake.
    Glad to see so many on track :)

    Have an amazing weekend everyone! <3
  • dawnmitchell6766
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    Great job everyone!

    Yesterday went well, got in over 11, 400 steps, 64 oz of water and did day 8 of Level 2 DS. Hope to keep the momentum up today.