A hungry monster visits every weekend!

colane Posts: 4 Member
Looking for some help in overcoming destructive behavior and yo-to dieting. During
the week I'm at work in an office and very busy. I seem to manage to log on to MFP and eat a fairly balanced diet. Friday nite comes and I drag my tired self home and the weekend emotional eating begins. I seem to have no control.....so all my good effort during the week goes out the window. Anyone else have this problem? Or suggestions on how to break the cycle?


  • lilyann001
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    It sounds like when you are more likely to emotionally overeat when you are feeling really tired. Is there any way to lighten your load during the weekday? Also, there are some treats that are not as bad such as peanut butter and apples. It's about connecting food as a comfort and stress reliever. Instead of food as a stress reliever replace it with something else such as a hot lavender bath, reading a favorite book, etc. Good luck this coming weekend~!
  • symphonika
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    I am the same way :[ During the week I tend to stay more accountable because I pack my lunches with healthy food. On the weekends ( and some weekdays) when I'm off work I tend to have this mindset of "I worked hard and had a stressful day, I need to treat myself" and I usually end up treating myself with bad food and alcohol. Eventually it doesn't become just a "treat" it just becomes normal food, and that's what I am trying to overcome now. I already started this weekend off right with a protein smoothie and I'm about to go on a walk. Maybe you'll just have to start off slow, at least eat two healthy meals each day on the weekend. I know it's not good to overindulge both days of the weekend because you end up trying to break even again on the week days, but sometimes you just have to start slow or you get discouraged. What do you usually do on the weekends? My weekends usually consist of just going out or going out to eat, to try to break the cycle I'm trying to add activities in my weekend that don't just revolve around food.
  • awesomekaty
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    I can be the same exact way. Something that helps me is recognizing that when it feels like I want to eat, I really just want to sleep.

    After a long week of actively tracking and being on point, it's so tempting to just let go. Try replacing eating with another relaxing activity (like sleeping). Instead of being hungry, I think you may just want to relax.

    Best of luck to you!
  • banditmistress
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    Sounds just like me. I just recently started monitoring what I eat and found I need to plan activities for myself on the weekend between set meal times so I am not tempted to fill the void with food. I try to avoid all the old habits that would usually accompany snacking (tv, video games, etc.)