How long did it take for your insurance to approve

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My approval is supposed to be simple. I have done all the preop requirements, my surgeon has submitted all the info to the insurance for improval, including the surgery date of 11/21. It has been over a week and still not answer. Just curious what everyone else went through.


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    This does not surprise me the least bit!
    I was done with ALL my requirements June 11 and w/in a few days insurance had approved me (I know this because I had called them about something else).
    I was really hoping for a summer surgery...1st because I hate cold weather and hate the snow even more so I wanted a running start w/ having it done while it was still nice.
    2nd, I really dreaded having the surgery at or close to the holidays as I didn't want to be the party!
    I finally got my surgery on the 16th which will put me at about 6 weeks post-op which will allow me to somewhat enjoy Thanksgiving but I really wish theyd done it sooner rather than later for several reasons :neutral_face:
    BTW...hang in there!
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    Mine took about a week. Call them and ask, that will at least speed things along.

    Good Luck!
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    Mine took about a week and a half. My patient advocate at the surgeon says they have up to a month to respond.
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    Mine took two weeks after I finished all of the 6 month requirements. The committee meets twice a month. Then, it was just an issue getting on the surgery schedule --- which was running about a month back logged.
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    Mine took right at 4 weeks.
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    Still no answer back. It has been a week and a half. My insurance requires the surgeons office to give them the surgery date, which is 11/21. Hopefully I get an answer before Thursday, I would like to have at least one week of a definitive date to get everything in order. Thank you for the replies.
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    I got my approval today, so it took my 1 1/2 weeks for approval.
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    Once I did the endoscopy, it took like, a week or two. I had no idea. The whole time I was like, well I can quit any time thinking I wouldn't really go through with it, even though I went through all the hoops! I got a call from the hospital letting me know, then a letter from BCBS a week or so later. Funny thing was that I had to schedule out a bit. Got the approval in March, but wanted to wait until after my anniversary on 4/30 to have the surgery. I wanted that one last steak dinner. LOL!
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    I am curious , how does your insurance works ? I'm from Romania , and here we have national health insurance , that is great for some things like no cost for emergency care be it accidents or disease and fairly good coverage for chronic diseases like diabetes and such while for major problems and especially major surgery (heart, brain, liver etc.) it covers between zippo and nada :#
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    Our insurances all depend on your plan. Since they are mostly privately paid it varies greatly. I only have to cover a copay for the surgery, $500 I think and a small percentage of other things. But max of $2500 for me or $5000 max for my family
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    We also have some private health insurance companies , however they are very expensive to get directly on personal basis. Most of them deal with companies that pay some level of insurance for their personnel. I hope to cover some of my expenses this way , God bless my employer , they have something like that :)