How far along and what type of exercise are you doing?



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    Oh I'm up about 36lbs at 36wks already. Lol so ya I can definitely tell I didn't workout much this.pregnancy, with my last pregnancy I worked out everyday until I gave birth at 39wks and I was in pretty good shape. Oh I' out if shape now. Oh well
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    15 weeks here. I haven't been so great with my exercise (but I never really am). I'm a nurse so 12 hour shifts keep me moderately active, but it's not always busy and I can't make it to the gym afterwards (on worknights it's pretty much eat-sleep-work repeat). When I'm off I try to swim or elliptical. On days we don't go to the park, I take our 7 month Golden Retriever on 40min power walks. I'm about to start doing some stretching and toning exercises I learned in my childbirth class which should help with delivery. I've considered a prenatal yoga video, but haven't decided. Any recommendations?
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    I am scared too! But I am more scared of what happens after he is born. Will I know what to do? Will I love him? Will he love me? Sigh. Exercise this pregnancy has been good, then bad, and now it is OK. We ballroom dance 1-2x a week for an hour each time, I try to walk, and I go see my horse (clean the barn, groom, work with them) on the weekends. I was going to a prenatal aquatic/swim class that I loved but then I got busy with other things on those nights and haven't been in over a month :neutral_face:

    Yes you will know what to do. And if there is something you don't know, I am sure you can ask a relative/friend/google. Yes you will love him. In fact, you will see a side of love that you probably never knew existed. Yes he will love you. He will love you more that I love cake (which is a lot).
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    I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have gained 12 pounds already. I never got back on track after my first baby, so my goal is not to gain much more during this pregnancy since I'm still not back to my healthy pre-pregnancy weight. The doctor hasn't mentioned anything, but I'm well aware that I'm overweight right now.

    During my first pregnancy I walked at least 5 times a day for a minimum of 40 minutes and I had no issues with delivery and I recovered super quick. However I never got back into my old walking routine after I delivered. I lost most of the weight, but had another 14 pounds to go.

    Hoping I can get on track now, and hope and pray for another easy breezy pregnancy! Since its getting pretty cold outside, and I have a habit of not paying attention to icy sidewalks, I started using my office building for my cardio workouts. I go up 7 flights of stairs and down 27. For now I'm taking the elevator back to the 20th floor, but once I get my stamina back I'm hoping to go all the way back up!!
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    I am 22 weeks 4 days, walking and doing prenatal Pilates, though walking has been tough because I'm getting bad pains in the arch of my right foot.
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    I'm 31 weeks along and I'm just focusing on pelvic exercises like kegels and squats at this point so I quit peeing myself and have an easier delivery. I have had too much pain throughout this pregnancy to be able to do too much exercise, but when I feel good I'll also do a lot of housework which gets my heart pumping! Lol.
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    but when I feel good I'll also do a lot of housework which gets my heart pumping! Lol.

    Housework makes me tired too!!!

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    I am 25 weeks tomorrow, and have been able to resume my normal workouts for the most part, but with less frequency throughout the week. I usually try to keep 4, but for the past few weeks I've been having some fatigue and have only gotten in 2-3. I hope to pick it back up though.

    I still run some days at the gym. In fact just ran an hour on Monday. Some days I struggle for a simple workout, but when I feel good I take full advantage of the opportunity and running is still quite comfortable surprisingly. I also still lift normally, but stopped doing bench press (started alternatives for chest), and heavy weighted squats a while ago. I decreased the weight for squats at first, then eventually just went down to using my own bodyweight and more reps because of changes in my balance and not feeling steady/safe.

    My favorite workout ever that I cannot give up is Les Mills BodyCombat class! I still go whenever I'm not working during the scheduled classes, and havent had to adapt any of the choreography yet! Im sure I will shortly though, and have to go at a lower intensity on jump kicks and stuff than I would have pre pregnancy. My doctor approves of all this since I was very used to it pre pregnancy, and so far it's helped me stay feeling good and continues to help me manage my stress and moods. :)

    I hope to be able to workout until the end, even if it's more limited!

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    I thought I would introduce myself. I am pregnant with number six and I have children ages 12, 9, 8, 5 and 21 months. I am due mid April and I would like to keeping unnecessary pregnancy weight gain to a minimum. I workout every day. I run or do stairs with hand weights alternated with body resistance/core/resistance bands/weights for a total workout of about 60-80 minutes.

    I have recently added a half hour walk on the treadmill at a steep incline. I walk after lunch when I start to get sleepy and my little one is napping.
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    im only 7 weeks but exercise currently is walking and swimming as im having a lot of morning (yeah right) sickness and need to nap a few hours every afternoon

    hoping to get back in the gym once the sickness slackens off but will take it easy as my daughter is an extreme ex preemie
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    I'm 21-weeks and still CrossFitting 5x a week. It's been easy to modify (snatch from the hang, landing in power positions and then going to a controlled squat, mats under my chest to help with burpees and push ups, no GHD) and I'm loving it! I'm slow but can keep moving and finish the WOD's.
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    I'm @ 17 weeks and finally starting to feel human again, at least about 70% of the time... Doc cleared me to continue with lifting weights, so that's a huge YAY! And now that I actually feel like doing it I'm easing back into that routine. I plan to continue weight lifting the whole time, unless something unforeseeable comes up. Other than that I like to ride bikes and hike, so I'll keep that up, too.

    Some of you ladies are massively inspiring! I can't imagine running many miles a day at 12 weeks! Man, I felt like death at that point...
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    I am 31 weeks. Up until 3 weeks ago, I was throwing up 10-100 times a day, so survival was the only thing I did. I'm down to throwing up 0-1 times a day do I'm taking my kids on mile long walks to get them ready for a 5K they want to do with me. I'm also doing prenatal yoga and I'm going to try Zumba at home tonight just to see how it goes.
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    I'm 17 weeks and have been doing a mix of running, yoga, and DVD home workouts-- mostly ones with light weights and/or resistance bands. I had to take several weeks off due to illness, but I'm back on track again.
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    almost 16 weeks here and 3 times/week- RIPPED, 3-4 times/week ZUMBA