Hardware and Software: What types of fitness technology are you using?



  • Software: MFP, Mapmycourse
    Hardware: Fitbit Charge
  • patgmac
    patgmac Posts: 3 Member
    Software: MFP, MapMyFitness, Apple's Health app. My brother (personal trainer in a different state) keeps tabs on me through MFP and MMF.

    Hardware: A7 chip in iPhone 5S to track steps, etc.

    My brother is sending me his Jawbone UP soon when he replaces it with a newer gadget. Might be getting the Apple watch when it comes out.
  • dianemcan
    dianemcan Posts: 6 Member
    Fitbit One which I love and MFP. It helps that they work together.
  • kayjosh2422
    kayjosh2422 Posts: 864 Member
    My fitbit charge arrived this evening so hopefully I can get it going and will be starting with it tomorrow!!
  • msmar913
    msmar913 Posts: 2 Member
    Just ordered the fitbit charge from amazon - can't wait to get it and start using it!
  • happygalah
    happygalah Posts: 343 Member
    Bit of a gadget geek here.
    Fitbit One
    Scoche HRM
  • misslisamo
    misslisamo Posts: 14 Member
    Fitbit Flex...love it.