2015 Goals!

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New Year, new you, new goals!
This thread will be meant for long-term (whole year) goal, just like we did last year! So you can be a bit more vague and ambitious than with January!

I already reviewed my 2014 goals in December's thread (ouch) but here's a short summary to begin with (also, my December goals were a fiasco for the most part)... Basically the only big lift goal I made was the deadlift. My fat loss goals went to the crapper majorly and i gained 20lbs over the year. (And I wanted to work back up to 25 push-ups and not 20 which means I failed that too :| Dammit!)

There are set backs. It happens. A fresh start might just be what the doctor ordered. So for 2015:

Barbell lifts:
- Squat: 225lbs with reaching BW again by the end of March (current: 192.5)
- Front Squat: 175 (current 150)
- Deadlift: 300lbs because it HAS been my strongest lift and I think I can put another 50lbs on it in a year (current: 250lbs)
- Bench Press: 180lbs (which I hope will also be B, lol). (Current: easy enough 145, could be 150)
- OHP: 115lbs Because why the hell not? (current: 92.5)
- Clean: 135lbs because 45s on each side! (current: 115)
- Snatch: 115lbs this one seems to follow my OHP, lol (current: 92.5)
- Rows: 160lbs well, I never really tested my max max, here. But my last 5/3/1 amrap set calculates to 132

Bodyweight (which I will base off of the gauntlet, 3mins amrap each):
- Push-ups: 60
- Squats: 110
- Pull-ups: 25 with assist (and I wanna do an unassisted chin-up by the end of the darn year! Third time's a charm, right?)
- Burpees: 35

- Manage an 8 minute mile
- sub 30 min 5k

- I also wanna manage to kick up into a handstand push-up position by the end of the year. Don't care if I don't HSPU, I just wanna get upside down! lol
- BW dips: set of 10 (current: a single, grindy rep.)

- Get my fat% back down to around 30% (current: 39%)
- Get my weight down to 180 (current: 202)
- Lose 15lbs in the first 15 weeks (which means I won't really be looking to increase strength for the first 4 months of the year. It has to be done!)

- Spend more time writing and reading
- Not get addicted to another tv show because I always end up marathoning episodes to catch up
- Work on living with my wife by the end of the year

So that was pretty extensive! lol. Can,t wait to see what you guys are shooting for! :)


  • jenh651
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    Wow! Those are lofty goals!

    I am tired of trying stuff. I want to DO stuff. I want a workout to stick.

    I feel like it’s a Yoda year. “Do or do not, there is no try.”

    I will DO a 5x5 for six months.

    More specifically: I have never lifted, so I’m going to focus on conditioning my brain and body to go to the gym three times a week and do a 5x5 for six months.

    Having never had the will power to maintain a long-term program I’m nervous. I’m going
    to count the workouts to success to see if that motivates me.

    Three times a week for 26 weeks. That’s 78 workouts. If I make 90 percent I’ll consider my goals achieved and myself successful.

    Through lifting I’d like to lose 15 pounds in six months.

    If the routine seems to take then I’d also like to start running again, and get to a 9 minute mile. But that may be second-half-of-the-year stuff.

    I’d like to see how I feel at the three, six and nine month marks – ask for advice if I need a change.
  • katro111
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    2015 Lifting Goals:
    Squat goal: 200lbs x 5+
    Bench Press goal: 120lbs x 5+
    OHP goal: 100lbs x 5+
    Deadlift goal: 250lbs x 5+

    I'd also like to cut my BF down to... I don't know, just something less than it is right now, lol. I had other plans for a hypertrophy-type lifting routine, but I decided to do Wendler's while I was recovering from a nasty cold and I'm actually really liking it since I found a good balance with my accessory lifts so I'm going to just stick with it for a while.

    I like jenh651's Yoda quote and philosophy so I'm not going to make a list of goals I want to try to accomplish; below is what I WILL accomplish!

    - I WILL stick to my calorie goals/deficit but I will NOT make a scale weight goal.
    - I WILL track my data consistently:
    + I WILL weigh myself every day and graph it to track the trend.
    + I WILL take measurements every month.
    - I WILL lift no less than 3 days per week (4 is preferred but sometimes life happens and 3 days is what I get which is perfectly acceptable).
    - I WILL walk the dog for at least 40 minutes a day, even in the cold/snow/rain (note to self: buy a rain coat and wellies before Spring so I'll be prepared)

  • ScientificExplorerGirl
    Goals for 2015:

    Continue SL 5x5 3 days per week
    Deadlift bodyweight (145ish)
    Squat bodyweight
    Progressively increase other lifts as much as possible
    Cardio at least 3 days a week
    Increase flexibility with yoga/pilates/etc to improve form with lifts
    Do [at least] one pullup
    Decrease %BF then possibly try to gain more muscle
    Bike 100 miles in one trek (made 90 miles last year)
    Bike at least 500 miles over the year (logged 300 miles last year)

    I think that's enough for now.

    @katro111 I like the idea of taking monthly measurements so I will start doing that as well.
  • mymodernbabylon
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    - I would like to keep doing Stronglifts and increase the weights over time (doing a cut right now so know it'll be slow)
    - continue doing the C25K programme 2-3x a week
    - lose some body fat (no specific amount, just a decrease)
    - eventually, perhaps gain some muscle

    None of these are very specific but they are doable
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
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    I'm still thinking about my goals, so I reserve the right to re-post a little later:

    * Lift heavy 3x week
    - I know life happens, so I'll consider this a success if I accomplish this 90% of the year.

    * Walk / hike with Huck at least 2x week
    - Again, 90% of the time is a win here.

    * Lose 55 pounds
    - This will get me to my initial goal weight, and I'll reevaluate from there. I'd REALLY like to get here by August 3 (my birthday).
    - This is ultimately more important to me than adding weight to the bar, so if I stall on my lifts, I stall on my lifts. So be it.
    - Please remind me I said this when I'm complaining about stalling and feeling unmotivated with lifting. Seriously.

    * Take measurements and progress pics monthly
    - I created a 2015 Monthly Measurements thread for those of you who also want to do this on a more regular basis. I'll be posting mine later today.

    That's all for now.

  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
    Adding these:

    * Lifting goals
    - These are all kind of random since I have no real way to gauge how quickly I'll progress. I'd love to get to triple digits and/or big girl plates on all my lifts, but that's probably unlikely (especially with upper body stuff), so I'm just kind of guesstimating for most of these. But it's nice to have these types of specific goals rather than just concentrating on weight loss:

    - Squats: 200 lbs. (Currently @ 110, so this is less than two pounds per *week*)
    - Deadlifts: 200 lbs. (Currently @ 160)
    - Bench Press: 100 lbs (Currently @ 82.5)
    - Overhead Press: 65 lbs. (Currently @ 47.5)
    - Rows: 100 lbs. (Currently @ 82.5)
  • deluxmary2000
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    Hmmm... I started a post and then lost it somehow, so maybe one of my goals should be to become more tech savvy :p. Anyway, I was starting to say that I'm new here, but I'll share my goals with the group:
    Fitness goals:
    1 - Stick with the SL 5x5 program for 6 months. I don't have any specific weight goals in mind yet.
    2 - Work on being to execute a REAL (perfect form) push-up.
    3 - Run a Tough Mudder in August (so nervous about this one!)
    4 - Lost the last 15 "baby weight" pounds before baby turns 1 in April.

    General self-improvement goals:
    1 - Read more - preferably a book a week.
    2 - Try at least one new recipe every week. I really need to expand my cooking repertoire.
    3 - Call my family and friends more often.

    Best of luck to everyone!
  • canadianlbs
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    i only have one concrete plan: body-weight squats by age 50, which would be mid-july. i'm calling 'bodyweight' 135 which is a bit generous, but it does translate into the big plates, so yeah.

    other than that, i'm kind of wishywashy. keep lifting, keep liking the feeling that i'm developing general strength, keep on keep on with riding my bike. far more significantly, keep up with the kinesthetic awareness and improvements that lifting has forced onto me. i have a contract that's going to stay solid till mid-october, so it's nice to know what my year will look like and i like the idea of using that confidence well.

    i'd like to weigh 125 pounds. yeah, i know, not about the scale and all that, but all the same. i know for fact i've still got some fat blobs i'd rather not have, and i'd like them to not be there by the end of this year. i guess if i can accumulate five pounds of muscle by the time that that comes, i won't complain about weighing 130 though.
  • ephiemarie
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    Fitness goals:
    1. squat 1.5x body weight
    2. DL 2x body weight
    3. Make some sort of progress on my freaking OHP
    4. Do a pull-up at least once
    5. Run a 5K in 23:30, a 10K in 50:00, and a half marathon in 1:45:00
    6. Complete a 50 mile bike ride, and if that goes well, maybe a century
    7. Conquer my intense fear of open water swimming and compete in a sprint tri in August (this would be HUGE for me. I've done one tri with a pool swim, but open water? YIKES!)

    Body goals:
    1. Get down to 118 lbs., just to see what it looks/feels like. Be happy with 123-125
    2. Cut BF to 17.5%. Maybe see an ab muscle.
    3. Eat mostly clean (using that term loosely) most of the time

    Lots of personal/life goals as well.
  • TheMOC
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    Stronglifts specific:
    1. Squat 1.5 body weight (so 215ish, currently at 90)
    2. Bench body weight(145, currently at 75)
    3. Row 120 lbs (currently at 80)
    4. OHP 100 lbs(currently at 60)
    5. Deadlift 2X bodyweight(so 290, currently at 130)

    Overall fitness:
    1.Run sub 14:00 1.5 mile
    2.Do a pullup
    3.Work up to 50 situps in one minute

    Scale-wise: I'd like to see it go down about 10 lbs. I realize inches are more important than numbers on the scale, but I really do have a fair amount of fat to lose. I mostly want to lose a few inches off each thigh and arm.

  • DawnEmbers
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    hmmm goals... A year is such a long time, but I'll give it a try.

    General Lifting
    For beginning of year, keep going with stronglifts. Later switch things up a bit with maybe NROLFW or ICF, something a little different.
    Learn a few different lifts that I haven't done before, including a clean from the ground, so not with the light 30 lbs from the grit strength class.
    Not sure on numbers for most but deadlift body weight+ and squat body weight+. Rest we'll see what happens each month.

    Other Fitness
    Run in 3 5k races. Thus be capable of jogging for a 5k, lol. Signed up already for a bubble run in August but might do a neon/glowstick type run in June for Pride (not sure yet).
    Learn how to use another cardio machine besides the treadmill.

    Work on protein intake to get enough protein per day.
    Learn different recipes with spices to keep things interesting.
    I'd like to lose weight for sure, but I think I'll keep the exact number for monthly goals.
    Size 12/14 dress (or smaller but this would be great either way) for stepsister's wedding (which is in November, so I've got time)
    Decrease body fat percentage, maybe get close to not "obese" by end of year.

    Blog more
    Work on finding a second income
    Novels - both write and edit
  • TheMOC
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    I'm thinking about switching to the ICF novice program after a while as well. It's a little intimidating though-I have no idea how to go about finding my 1RM.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Yeah, that's part of my hesitation and why I went with SL first. Well, that and there are less extra things to figure out since ICF has more in the accessory range though I do 2 extra lifts lifts right now with SL. Some of the intermediate programs also focus on percentages of 1RM and such, so it's something to consider at some point, just have to figure out the right time for which program and personal preference.

  • Llamapants86
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    Lifting goals
    Triple digit OHP Tested 1RM and working weight of 85 lbs
    Deadlift 275 lbs Tested 1RM and working weight of 250 lbs
    Bench 150 lbs tested 1 RM and working weight of 125 lbs
    Squat 250 lbs tested 1 RM and working weight of 225 lbs
    Row meh I hate row, they are just there to balance out the rest and to help me get my goal of doing a pull up

    Do a pull up.

    Other fitness
    Sub 30 minute 5k
    Run a straight 10k

    Food stuff
    Track more diligently
    Lose control of my eating less often
    Lose some fat
    Fit in to some jeans I bought on clearance without trying them on

    General Life Goals
    Beat the main storyline of Skyrim
    Do one paid photo shoot
    Love myself a little bit more
  • bprague
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    I'm starting strong lifts for the first time so I'm pretty psyched/nervous. I was doing crossfit for a while (see profile picture for those results) but the cost was too much to keep up. Recently I've been taking an endurance weight lifting class at my current gym (it's an *kitten* kicker) but I'm in the mood to try something new. The main worry i have is that I am not comfortable maxing out without a spotter. This is new territory for me.

    Anyway, my goals are as follows:
    Begin strong lifts and follow the schedule diligently
    Do not injure myself in the process
    Improve and allow myself to take pride in improvement.
    Continue running 2x a week and up my mileage from 2 miles to 3 each run.
    Do not injure myself doing this either

    Food-wise I'd like to begin tracking my calories again and buckle down on my health.

    I'm pretty vague because I don't know my base so I can't anticipate my improvement. Ah, well.
  • symba1130
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    2015 Goals!

    *Ideally I would like to lose the last 5-7lbs to reach pre baby weight before she turns 2 (August). I know ultimately I will be totally happy at current weight or higher if body looks different, BUT, there is something about getting back to pre baby #2 weight that just bugs me!

    *Squat BW (currently around 150) and I am currently squatting 115, so if BW goes down and lifting goes up I see it as an easy win!

    *DL 175lbs!

    *Complete the warrior dash with some of the best friends ever! We are all at various stages of working out/losing weight, but we try to keep each other motivated IRL without having to hang out/workout together.

    *Decrease BF %. Currently is around 28.5% testing with calipers by a PT, would love to see this in the low 20's

    *Log consistently. I was up to 120+ days, forgot one day and it was all over...I was soooo sad :-(

    Personal goals...
    *Enjoy more *me* time and girl time. I love my kids and my hubby, but with work and family I tend to lose ME. Getting to the gym 3+ days a week helps that a lot, but I would love to have a once a month ME day, even if its just something simple.

    *Read MORE. I used to love reading, but again, kids...etc, when I finally sit at the end of the day I usually zone out on crappy TV shows

    *Stress less, remember I don't have to compete with all the other moms and the amazing things they do for their kids. I need to remember that my kids appreciate my presence more than all the latest and greatest off pinterest/blogs, etc.

  • mirrim52
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    1) Stick with working out for the year, whether SL or something else.
    2) Squat my body weight
    3) DL more than my body weight
    4) Reduce body fat, hopefully to around 25%

    5) Jam for my league's B-team :)
  • MissHolidayGolightly
    Including goals outside of weightlifting because it's all connected. Personal and professional goings on affect fitness goals.

    Weightlifting goals for one set of 5, all with good form, of course
    1. Squat 150 (at 120 now)
    2. Deadlift 250 (at 165 now with good form)
    3. Bench 100 (at 80 and struggling now)
    Sorry rows and OHP... I just don't care much about you :)

    Professional goals
    1. Actively work toward getting a new position, lateral move is fine
    2. Apply for a PMP certification, including studying for and taking exam
    3. Stay on top of resume and keep a version for jobs outside my industry

    Personal goals
    1. Work on anxiety
    2. Start volunteering
    3. Refinish my bedroom furniture (I've been saying I want to do this for 2 years and I'm tired of looking at the chipped, yellowed set)

    I believe these are not overly ambitious for the year and that I can accomplish them. Last year was difficult in a lot of ways and I will do all I can to ensure improvement this year. I have good feelings about 2015.

  • xcalygrl
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    Hmm, lets see. (I'm going to use the format from the OP to help keep me organized.)

    Barbell lifts:
    - Squat: 200lbs (current working weight is 170)
    - Deadlift: 250 pounds (current working weight is 185, current 1RM is 205)
    - Bench Press: 120 pounds (current working weight is 100-110)
    - OHP: 105 pounds (current working weight is 85 pounds)

    - run more sub-25 min 5ks (I have done it twice, but I want more :wink: )
    - aim to cover 2015 miles in 2015 (combined running, biking, and swimming)
    - *lofty goal alert*: a 5 mile run in under 40 mins

    - Get my BF% down to close to 20-22% (current 27.4%)
    - Get my weight down to 170 (current: 178.2)
    - Do a proper bulk after I'm satisfied with my cut. (I did a haphazard bulk several months ago, but it was a swing and a miss and resulted in more fat gain than I'd like to admit.)

    - do a GORUCK Challenge and Light back-to-back. (Already signed up for this in Sept, just gotta do it.)
    - Earn my Spartan Trifecta again.
    - get to where I can do push-ups in more that 5-10 sets (ideally would like to do at least 45 push-ups in 2 mins)
  • mirrim52
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    Just bumping this seeing as here are only a few weeks left in the year.

    Want to be able to find it later...