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    hmmm goals... A year is such a long time, but I'll give it a try.

    General Lifting
    For beginning of year, keep going with stronglifts. Later switch things up a bit with maybe NROLFW or ICF, something a little different.
    Learn a few different lifts that I haven't done before, including a clean from the ground, so not with the light 30 lbs from the grit strength class.
    Not sure on numbers for most but deadlift body weight+ and squat body weight+. Rest we'll see what happens each month.

    Other Fitness
    Run in 3 5k races. Thus be capable of jogging for a 5k, lol. Signed up already for a bubble run in August but might do a neon/glowstick type run in June for Pride (not sure yet).
    Learn how to use another cardio machine besides the treadmill.

    Work on protein intake to get enough protein per day.
    Learn different recipes with spices to keep things interesting.
    I'd like to lose weight for sure, but I think I'll keep the exact number for monthly goals.
    Size 12/14 dress (or smaller but this would be great either way) for stepsister's wedding (which is in November, so I've got time)
    Decrease body fat percentage, maybe get close to not "obese" by end of year.

    Blog more
    Work on finding a second income
    Novels - both write and edit

    Have to admit that I forgot about these a long time ago. So, wonder how I am doing since the year is almost over.

    1. success. I did stronglifts then new rules of lifting for women followed by a 3x5 version of SL with some accessories and now I'm on PHUL. So did the two on there and went beyond that.
    2. I have done some different lifts, though can't quite do the clean from the ground. I probably could with a lighter weight but still need to work on wrist strength for that front squat position.
    3. success. I got 225 deadlift and 195 squat, so well above my body weight at the time of the lift. Now chasing the 1.5 x body weight squat and 2 x body weight deadlift.

    Other Fitness:
    Runs - success. I ran in 3 5k events and a 10k. I tried the elliptical at the gym, so managed that but only did it a few times.

    1. protein is a constant factor. Working on it all of the time as some days are better than others.
    2. haven't done much in this regard. December won't be much trying to cook and learn new things either cause work is busy. I have tried a few different things but haven't really tried to learn many recipes or different spices to use.
    3. success on the dress. I ended up in a size large from the juniors department but 12-14 would have fit as well. Down to an 8 in pants (many of them, but still depends on the brand/style/etc).
    4. Bodyfat is very slowly moving down though didn't change that much recently but more in the first half of the year when I was heavier. It's hard to tell since the margin of error for the testing is there. However, did get below the "obese" category and am working my way towards the lower end of overweight even though it's much slower now.

    1. not so much, I'm still not blogging much at all. Need to work on that in 2016 because...
    2. no success either. Working decent hours at job but still. Considering a few things to work on next year.
    3. Did work on some editing and some writing of novels but could have been more productive by spending less time reading and posting on forums.

    Decent amount of success considering that I didn't even remember about them for a good part of the year. :smile:
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    ^ way to go @DawnEmbers I'd say this year was a successful one for you!!
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    Well done on all that, @DawnEmbers. You're clearly someone who does what she sets out to do!
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    Thanks both of you. I try though have to admit, sometimes I forget the goals I made entirely. Should check back more often. I might check in on the monthly so I can not forget those goals. hehe
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    I'm so happy to see this thread!

    Lifting Goals:
    Squat: 250 pounds
    Front Squat: 200 pounds
    OHP: 125 pounds
    Bench: 150 pounds
    Deadlift: 300 pounds
    Barbell row: 150 pounds

    Other fitness:
    3 pull-ups

    Reach goal weight of 150
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    Not much else to add for the end of the year. Continued gym sessions, writing and such though limited some by work schedule. Instead of the second income factor, I'm basically finding references plus working on my resume to apply for non-retail jobs. I have a coworker who will be a reference (she is one of the managers and does our schedule). Contacted a couple of others from college, so hoping to hear back soon. Just need to do something. Hoping for another big year in 2016.
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    New Year, new you, new goals!
    This thread will be meant for long-term (whole year) goal, just like we did last year! So you can be a bit more vague and ambitious than with January!

    I already reviewed my 2014 goals in December's thread (ouch) but here's a short summary to begin with (also, my December goals were a fiasco for the most part)... Basically the only big lift goal I made was the deadlift. My fat loss goals went to the crapper majorly and i gained 20lbs over the year. (And I wanted to work back up to 25 push-ups and not 20 which means I failed that too :| Dammit!)

    There are set backs. It happens. A fresh start might just be what the doctor ordered. So for 2015:

    Barbell lifts:
    - Squat: 225lbs with reaching BW again by the end of March (current: 192.5)
    - Front Squat: 175 (current 150)
    - Deadlift: 300lbs because it HAS been my strongest lift and I think I can put another 50lbs on it in a year (current: 250lbs)
    - Bench Press: 180lbs (which I hope will also be B, lol). (Current: easy enough 145, could be 150)
    - OHP: 115lbs Because why the hell not? (current: 92.5)
    - Clean: 135lbs because 45s on each side! (current: 115)
    - Snatch: 115lbs this one seems to follow my OHP, lol (current: 92.5)
    - Rows: 160lbs well, I never really tested my max max, here. But my last 5/3/1 amrap set calculates to 132

    Bodyweight (which I will base off of the gauntlet, 3mins amrap each):
    - Push-ups: 60
    - Squats: 110
    - Pull-ups: 25 with assist (and I wanna do an unassisted chin-up by the end of the darn year! Third time's a charm, right?)
    - Burpees: 35

    - Manage an 8 minute mile
    - sub 30 min 5k

    - I also wanna manage to kick up into a handstand push-up position by the end of the year. Don't care if I don't HSPU, I just wanna get upside down! lol
    - BW dips: set of 10 (current: a single, grindy rep.)

    - Get my fat% back down to around 30% (current: 39%)
    - Get my weight down to 180 (current: 202)
    - Lose 15lbs in the first 15 weeks (which means I won't really be looking to increase strength for the first 4 months of the year. It has to be done!)

    - Spend more time writing and reading
    - Not get addicted to another tv show because I always end up marathoning episodes to catch up
    - Work on living with my wife by the end of the year

    So that was pretty extensive! lol. Can,t wait to see what you guys are shooting for! :)

    Fail, fail, fail, more fail. Fail all around. Wait, I think I *did* get the 8 min mile. Or was it 8:30? I think it was 8:30...

    So, nope. Not a single win. Ah well...
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    Lifting goals
    Triple digit OHP Tested 1RM and working weight of 85 lbs
    Deadlift 275 lbs Tested 1RM and working weight of 250 lbs
    Bench 150 lbs tested 1 RM and working weight of 125 lbs
    Squat 250 lbs tested 1 RM and working weight of 225 lbs
    Row meh I hate row, they are just there to balance out the rest and to help me get my goal of doing a pull up

    Do a pull up.

    Other fitness
    Sub 30 minute 5k
    Run a straight 10k

    Food stuff
    Track more diligently
    Lose control of my eating less often
    Lose some fat
    Fit in to some jeans I bought on clearance without trying them on

    General Life Goals
    Beat the main storyline of Skyrim
    Do one paid photo shoot
    Love myself a little bit more

    I didn't get any of my lifting goal, honestly I think they were hella lofty.
    I got both my running goals although I haven't ran in months
    My binging is pretty under control but still a struggle.
    Didn't manage to finish skyrim
    I've gotten paid for a couple of shoots
    I've made some progress on being kinder to myself
    I guess that makes 2015 alright statistically.
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    I've made some progress on being kinder to myself
    I guess that makes 2015 alright statistically.

    I'd say so...being kind to oneself is often very difficult.
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    krokador wrote: »
    Fail all around.

    the hell you failed. you just changed your destinations during the course of the year, that's all.

    i don't even remember whether i made goals, never mind what they were if they existed at all. i'm still here, i kept lifting, i'm still working on it. and i plan to keep lifting in 2016.

    good enough, for my purposes.

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    the hell you failed. you just changed your destinations during the course of the year, that's all.


    The goals are nice ideas but a whole year, so much changes in that time. And I'm forgetful so hard to keep track that long. We all did great things and there is more to come.
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    1) Stick with working out for the year, whether SL or something else.
    2) Squat my body weight
    3) DL more than my body weight
    4) Reduce body fat, hopefully to around 25%

    5) Jam for my league's B-team :)

    1) Kind of. I've done better than I ever have before, but the last 3 months or so have been inconsistent at best.
    2) Yep :)
    3) Oh yeah. Hit 1.5x
    4) pretty much. My scale puts me between 25-26% and seems close according to measurements and picture comparisons.
    5) Yep :) Did a couple times, and surpassed my expectations by making the A-team this week :)