First day back to work after surgery

madmags Posts: 1,340 Member
Hello all,

I just returned to work after my RNY. I am lucky and have a very good short term dissability plan that allowed my 6 weeks out of work. This time allowed my the flexibility to adjust to the energy levels and diet changes needed, leaving me completely confident in returning to work without any issues. I am currently down 50 pounds and looking forward to the things to come.


  • sadiegirl32
    sadiegirl32 Posts: 181 Member
    great job!! and good luck on your continued success!
  • Laurac727
    Laurac727 Posts: 60 Member
    have a great day!!!!
  • hochhalc
    hochhalc Posts: 13 Member
    I bet you co-workers are amazed. :)
  • tlogesi
    tlogesi Posts: 20 Member
    I returned to work on Jan 5 also! My RNY was on Dec. 11. So I only took off 3 weeks. I too feel great, still on liquids and some pureed foods for another 3 weeks.

    I've lost 20 lbs since the surgery, and am down 62 lbs all together, starting to feel a difference!

    Good luck to you madmags! I look forward to seeing your posts since we have the same surgery date!