Comic Books/Graphic Novels

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I love graphic novels and comic books. I'm only allowing myself to enjoy them when I'm at the gym, so that is a nice little incentive to go. I can't read on the treadmill, but if I crank up the resistance on the stationary bike I get a good workout and I can still see the pages.

I'm reading the Buffy comics- Season 8, Season 9 so far, and all the oners & side story comics they have as well.

I was looking into picking up Neil Gaiman's Sandman series as well as Vol 1 of Umbrella Academy, they both look kind of interesting.

My husband is a big fan of Warren Ellis, his stuff is violent with loads of adult language. Kind of Tarantino-style IMO.

I wondered if anyone else was enjoying any comic books or had any strong recommendations of some that you've read and love!


  • laydeneko
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    I liked The Sandman, I haven't the any of the others you mentioned.

    You might want to try:
    Locke & Key (horror)
    Lenore (morbid humor, worth the read if you can get a copy)