Muscle loss

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I am 2 months out, I have lost a little over 50 pounds and can see the difference. The problem I am having, is with muscle loss. I am hoping this is a momentary thing, since I was not lifting any weights and was struggling to get in over 50 grams of protein a day. Now that I have been cleared by the surgeon to lift and am consistently getting my protein over 60 I am hoping this will change.

Has any one else experienced this and what was your outcome? Advice?


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    Once you can start strength training again, you will build the muscle back up --- especially if you work on getting in the protein and fluids. (I usually use 1.5 to 2.0 scoops of protein powder in my drinks to help with getting enough in). Even better is that with the reduced weight /fat loss, the muscles become more apparent!! I was psyched when I found that yes, I do, in fact have obliques! :smile:
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    Someone (Dannadl?) posted body composition data from different stages of her weight loss. I think the conclusion I drew is that there will definitely be some muscle loss along with the fat loss. I am trying (not so successfully) to add regular weight training in order to reduce the amount of muscle loss during the process.

    I have definitely noticed a drop in the amount of weight on each machine I am able to do my pre-surgery weights routine. My plan is to continue lifting to reduce the muscle loss, and then look to activey increase muscle after the bulk of my weight loss is completed and I am adding calories in maintenance.

    I want to find a DEXA scan that I can do every three months or so to see the progress (both muscle loss and muscle gain).

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    I would love to find a quality test as well to keep an eye on the body composition. But for now I will continue lifting. I figured I wasnt alone, it is just nice to know everyones experience.
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    This was a big concern for me. I just got the ok to go back to the gym. You should talk to your dietician. Mine said I should add an extra protein drink on days that I lift. I haven't yet, but like Rob said, I can't lift as much as I did a couple months ago. Partly from some loss of muscle and partly because I am not eating much. I try to get a min on 70g protein right now.
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    Thanks janet, my dietician already told me i need to be over 70 grams of protein a day but to work up to 90-100 grams/day. I was just looking for peoples experience since the surgeon and dietician havent personally gone through the experience.
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    Hi. I'll be 3 years post op in March (RNY). Here are my stat's that show how much muscle to fat loss I've had based on the body composition scale at my surgeon's office:

    Height 5'7", starting weight 347.5, current age 47, - female

    2 month post op: 303.5lbs, Body fat mass 161lbs, non-fat mass 142.51lbs (there is a water # too not included)

    4 months post op: 276lbs, Body fat mass 140lbs and non-fat mass 136lbs

    6 months post op: 263lbs Body fat mass 128.51lbs , non-fat mass 134.5lbs

    1 year post op: 223lbs Body fat mass 96lbs, non-fat mass 127lbs

    2 years post op: 182.00, Body fat mass 57lbs, non-fat mass 125lbs

    I'll know my 3 year stats in 2 months or so. So, I didn't exercise at all the 1st year. The second and third year I exercised a lot, including training for and running numerous 5K's and a 1/2 marathon. Currently I lift weights 4-6 days a week, do 30-60 min cardio including running 5-6 days a week and do a 45 min boot camp 4-5 days a week.

    Over all as of 10 months ago I'd lost 165.5lbs, 104lbs of that was fat and 18.5lbs of that was muscle. I don't really mind that muscle loss because my starting non-fat mass was more than my eventual goal weight. On a daily basis I'm carrying less weight around, thus my leg muscles should be smaller. And in terms of a fat loss to muscle loss ratio, I'm pretty happy with this. Currently I'm about 10lbs lighter than I was at my 2 year check. I would like to drop another 40lbs or so and I'd like to drop my percentage of body fat about 15% from where it is right now.

    Realistically I think some muscle loss is inevitable and not the end of the world. I think we've all been taught to panic about any muscle loss in dieting and to think that fat can turn into muscle and vice versa. Fat and muscle cannot turn into each other. We just gain fat and our muscles atrophy from over eating and lack of exercise. And as your overall body mass decreases, some of that will inevitably be muscle loss, you are hauling a lot less weight around day to day.

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    Thank you so much Dannadl, this is very useful. I was aware I would have inherent muscle loss as I dropped weight, but at what percentage was my question. You gave me some great insight and is in track with what I was comfortable with.

    Thank you again.
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    I went for my first body scan (DEXA Scan) today and was quite happy with the process. I will write in more detail about the process and results in a separate topic, but my results were:

    261.8 pounds total, 81 lb Fat, 168 lb lean, 13 lb bone.

    Looking at myself, I was a little disappointed to still be in the 98th percentile of body fat percentage (31%), but I'll deal. I will repeat in 6 months to see where I fall.

    I'll post more about the process and the report, probably tomorrow.

    I got mine done at a local college (Eastern Michigan), through their Office of Nutrition Services for $40. Students/staff were $30.