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  • symba1130
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    I haven't been doing SL since I hurt my back, but still trying to get in *some* activity so here it goes.

    Tuesday - 20min on elliptical
    3x10 - bodyweight dips
    3x10 @ 15lbs dumbbell bench
    3x10 @ 12lbs dumbbell chest flys
    3 x 30 sec wall sit

    Today -
    Warmed up with ATG bodyweight squats and those weren't too bad
    Then I added the bar and did another 10
    Decided to stop here and not press my luck

    4x10 Straightleg DL with the bar
    3x12 @‌ 20lbs skullcrushers
    3x8 @‌ 45lbs OHP
    3x12 @ 10lb dumbbells inner and outer bicep curls
    3x10 @ 10lbs dumbbells front shoulder raises

    Plank/Crunches and some balancing on the bosu thingy...

    Feeling pretty good. I stretched my back throughout the whole workout and will be doing it again in my office throughout the day in hopes that I continue to heal
  • WillRun4Wine79
    WillRun4Wine79 Posts: 10 Member
    Yesterday was workout B for me.
    Squats: 5x5 @ 85. Felt pretty good, but I think I'm was starting to come up on my toes on the last reps, so I'll probably stay here for a couple workouts until I correct it.
    OHP. 5x5 @ 33. Used one of the smaller bars so I could add a little weight and not have to try to go all the way up to the fixed 40 lbs. I'll try adding more reps next time like suggested by a few of you.
    DL: 1x5 @ 95.
    Also, it was like it was ladies day in the free weights area at the gym last night. Made me happy :smiley:

    I just want to add that I can't believe how much I am enjoying lifting. I wish I would have started sooner!
  • fothers365
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    work out B here today too.

    squats 5x5 @62.5kg (138lb) which is bodyweight :smiley: I don't think I was quite parallel on the last couple though and they felt tough. I think I might stick there since I work out at home alone with no safety stuff next time rather than push it.

    OHP- like everyone else today and yesterday these things are my nemesis. 26kg (57lb)for the second or third time and most sets I got a shaky four even with 5mins break. Ughhh. Should I do 8 or 9 sets of 3 next time to mix it up a bit??

    DL- 75kg(165) 1x5 This perked me up after the disappointment of the damned OHP.

    I went a walk to the shops post work out and I felt so light after throwing all the heavy stuff around and I am sure I am walking with better posture too.

    Huuuunnngrry tonight though!!

    Sending lots of strong OHP vibes to everyone- seems a lot of us need them just now!
  • DawnEmbers
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    Everyone's doing great. I'm still fighting congestion and coughing but getting to the end part of the cold, so should get to lift soon. Trying to decide on my lifting schedule.

    Looking at either lifting on thur-sat-mon or on sun-tue-thur. My work week is thur-wed (that is how they do the schedule at least) and freight day is thursday but realized it might be better to lift on that day instead of before and after doing stuff. Right now my days off are wednesday and friday, always work on the weekend.

    Option 1 means my two non-lifting days are tuesday & wednesday. I could do grit tuesdays when I feel like it and just go for a walk in the park on wednesdays as I miss doing that. Option 2 means friday and saturday are the 2 non-lifting days. So, I'd have to either do grit strength on a lifting day or in between two lifting days. I also plan to have 2 cardio days for couch to 5k and going to very slowly go through the program by taking longer before moving up to the next "week". Still plan to have one day where no c25k or lifting, the walk is light so i would consider that a full rest day for option 1.

    Going to start NROLFW too, since need to de-load from taking the week off and am at a good time to try learning different lifts. Though I'm also planning other lifts to do as well. I'm going to add front squats and OHP on one day for sure, the rest is still in planning.

    Keep up the great work and I hope to have actual lifting to report in the near future.
  • threnjen
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    Squats: 5x5 @ 100lbs!!! YEA!!!!

    WOOT WOOT!!!!

    Terrible workout for me today. I don't know what's up but I felt as weak as a baby kitten. I knew things were going to be bad when the bar felt heavy on warmup D=

    Had planned to move up to 90 today but I struggled and panted through 85 and it was just NOT going to happen. By the end I was congratulating myself just for completing my workout at all.

    Squat: [email protected] for the third (maybe fourth??) time :(
    OHP and good mornings: [email protected] OHP and [email protected] GMs
    Deadlift: [email protected] (again), and just BARELY. That was to be expected with how weak I was feeling. At least I did it.

    Hoping for a better performance on Saturday, yeesh.

  • hanlonsk
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    Sooo... Got back from all my traveling, and in catching up with my trainer guy my awesome 80lb bench press came up. So today... I guess he just wanted to "have some fun" while he had some time to spot me.... So, I guess I can officially say I benched 100lbs today!!!
    It was only for 1.5 reps, but I technically got it up!!! We will work on quantity now... but something about breaking the 3 digits there was a HUGE mental thing (should have seen the "are you flipping crazy" looks I was giving the guy as he grabbed the last set of plates) ... now only if I wasn't quite so upside down, but I am up to 65 lbs on my squats. Yes, I am upside down on that by a large amount, but part of it has been very questionable form holding me back, and part I blame on having to lift my fat butt up along with the weight on the squat...
  • TheMOC
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    Day before yesterday was B workout.

    Squats 5X5 @ 90lbs. Coming back down from a deload. These felt easy enough.

    OHP 5X5 @ 60lbs. These were also a deload. Tried the SS hip thrust thing, not 100% sure I'm doing it correctly.

    DL, only got 2 reps at new weight of 160lbs after warmup of 5 X 115. Maybe I should bump my warmup so I'm using big girl plates the whole time(maybe at 3 reps instead of 5), changing out the 35s for 45s is REALLY tiring.

    Yesterday was run day. If you do run day the day after heavy deads, you're gonna have a bad time. I was physically incapable of widening my stride. I called it good after my 1 mile shuffle and then went home.
  • canadianlbs
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    hanlonsk wrote: »
    I guess I can officially say I benched 100lbs today!!!

    WOW. way to go. and yes, that most definitely counts.

  • I can't wait to be able to bench 100 lbs. Awesome job @Hanlonsk!

    Rest day today, so after happy hour I took Huck on a 45-minute walk. Loving this warmer weather.

  • canadianlbs
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    crabada wrote: »
    I can't wait to be able to bench 100 lbs. Awesome job @Hanlonsk!

    Rest day today, so after happy hour I took Huck on a 45-minute walk. Loving this warmer weather.


    didja eat your apple?

  • mirrim52
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    I really wasn't too keen on lifting tonight. I am getting sick, I am tired, and it is my daughter's birthday this weekend and I have a million things to do. And to top it all off, my parents were coming for dinner, and my hubby had a hockey double header, so I needed to find a babysitter in order to go to the gym.

    But I did. I went anyway.

    Squats - 5x5 at 125 lbs. This was a repeat. I was working on my form. I concentrated on keeping a vertical bar path and hitting parallel. It got better, but I still don't think I am hitting parallel every rep, and I still have issues with leaning forward on the ascent, so I am staying here with lots of warm up sets in order to nail my form.

    OHP - 3,5,5,4,4 at 55 lbs. Slightly better than last time. (19 total reps last time, 21 this time). Still really hard and form is hit and miss. This is fail #2. Even if I get it next time, I will be staying at 55 for a while.

    Deadlift - 1x5 at 155 lbs. This was a repeat too, but it felt good. I will be going up next time, I just haven't decided on 5 or 10 lbs.

  • TheMOC
    TheMOC Posts: 74 Member
    Today was a good day. I upped my calories a little bit, and it seems to get giving me some extra power.

    Squats, back up to 100 lbs. 5/5/5/5/4. Didn't get the last one. I fell again, but it was much better than last time-the safety bars were higher and I didn't hit my domepiece at all. After that I did a few practice falls w/ just the bar.

    Bench, 85 lbs 5X5. This was a deload. It started to get hard the two sets.

    Row 85 lbs 5X5. Or maybe 6X5? I'm not sure, I lost count of sets at one point. Space cadet-ing today. These were challenging, but manageable. Can't wait to put big girl weights on them and not have to go down quite so far.
  • xcalygrl
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    Yesterday was a run day. I did 4 miles in 39 mins. Not bad for still being physically tired from my endurance event and for needing some yoga in my life. I've decided that I have to go to yoga once a week or else my hips get way too tight and bother me while I run.
  • Awesome run @xcalygrl!
    @TheMOC great job on today's lifts! I'll be going for 100 lb squats next week!!

    Today's workout:

    Biked for 5 minutes to warmup
    third world squat 5x8

    Squat 5x7 95 (1x5 @ 60, 70, 80, 90)
    Bench 5x6 @60 (did 2x5 @ 65 then failed and did [email protected])
    Row 5x5 75

    Standing Calf Raises 3x19 50
    Convict Conditioning Pullups Step 3: Jackknife Pullups 3x15

    Then went back and did Squats 2x10 @ 75 lbs with largest ROM possible (ATG!)
    Stretching cool down.

    This weekend I am going to do my run on Saturday (hopefully) so it doesn't screw up Monday's lifting.

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone <3
  • DaivaSimone
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    Quick check in cause I have a lot to do at work.

    Workout A this morning.

    Elliptical: 12 minutes

    Squats: 1x5 @ 45, 1x5 @ 65 1x5 @ 85, 5x5 @ 110.

    Pendlay rows: 1x5 @ 45, 5x5 @‌ 55

    Bench: 1x5 @ 45, 5x5 @‌

    Then stretching.

    Good workout, but I should have done 60 for the bench and the row, I didn't remember I did it last time. Will do it next week for sure (and will repeat the 110 pounds squats 'cause it was hard).

    Good job eveyrone for all the fabulous workout checked in yesterday.
  • krokador
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    I went to the gym. I got through the workout. I did my hip mobility... I think in retrospect for a sleep deprived gal it wasn't too bad.

    Did 1 arm dumbbell snatches up to 40lbs x5 per arm
    And box jumps up to 22' x4

    Honestly, I know I have the power to clear 24 inches. and I was wearing shin guards (no, seriously. Red shoes, bright orange guards, blue shorts, gray shirt. I was very color coordinated and didn't look silly at all), but it was still a mental challenge to 1- get onto the 20' box for more than 1 rep at a time, and 2- Add even a 10lbs (barely an inch) bumper plate on top. Again, I was clearing the box fine and I took my time so my technique didn't suffer. But it was scary as hell.

    Did 5 rounds of a ridiculous complex (8 reps of 2DB clean & press, sumo deadlift, drop lunges per leg and renegade rows) with 20lbs for the first 3 rounds and 15 the last 2

    Aaand finished off the workout with tabatas of jump rope and high knee sprints. Had a hard time putting on my socks and shoes afterwards cuz I couldn't stand on one leg my calves were so shaky. Also did some hip mobility stuff and managed 18 hanging knee raises on a row. Also tried a chn-up and moved myself about 2 inches up. So, so, so close!

    I am not looking forward to treadmill sprints tomorrow. Anyone has any tips on how to do intervals with 'em abominations? I'm always fritzing with the speed and never getting it right :| I would do hill sprints but the weather doesn't look good for that. Way too damn cold.
  • ChristiH4000
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    I'm having some hip pain on my left side so I repeated my squat at 115 yesterday just to see how she felt. I'm not sure what's behind it. I went to yoga Tuesday, rested Wednesday (and gave blood). This pain isn't show-stopping, but I notice it hasn't gone away either so I'm going to keep an eye on it.
    Squat, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Bench Press, [email protected], [email protected], 3/5/5/4/[email protected] (The 5lb increase was really challenging this week.)
    Barbell Row [email protected]
    15 minutes of interval running with 2min walking/1min sprints (really need to pick back up on my cardio)
  • Llamapants86
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    Workout A today
    Squats 165 lbs 5x5 like last workout, squats at lower than my max weight were seeming really heavy but my form was good and I got all my reps so I guess I shouldn't complain too much
    Bench 90 lbs 5x5 I was stuck on these for the last couple workouts and previously stalled out at 95 lbs so next workout A should be interesting
    Row 95 lbs 5x5 these felt better than rows usually go for me.

    Then my tempo run for the week. 4 km at 6:37 min/km so I am on pace to get my 5 km in 35 minutes for a February goal. Just need to add a bit of distance and I still have a full 2 weeks of training to get there.

    Todays workout was a little odd, usually I run at lunch and then lift after the kiddos are in bed but I am working from home so I got to lift then run. Seems to go much better and I get it done all in one shot.

    Now feed me!!!!!!!
  • IzzyBooNZ1
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    workout A for me on friday. First week done !

    friday :smile:
    Squat 25kg /55lbs
    Bench press 3 sets at bar only 20 kg / 44lbs and 2 sets at 25kg / 55lbs
    Row 5 sets at 25kg / 55lbs

    Oh my I am getting into this !