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  • DaivaSimone
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    @krokador thanks for this list of yoga poses to help with my back. I did a couple of them (with the help of my Wii Balance Board, so tech-savvy), and it helped a lot. After that, I helped my husband to stretch a little. He did a routine with bodyweight squats and some straight leg deadlift (with a 15 pounds kettlebell, lol), and he was like: OMG MY THIGHS HURT SO MUCH, I'M GONNA DIE.

    He was cute and pathetic at the same time. <3
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    Them DOMS tend to show up when you do something you're not used to, IE LOTS of volume or you stretch the muscles a bit more than their "ordinary" ROM. Today I have them mostly in my upper back (doing about 80 reps of bent over row with 25lbs in each hand + 5 negative pull-ups throughout the day will do that).

    "active recovery" day for me. Which means a 45ish minutes worth of bodyweight lunges, push-ups, more lunges, some yoga, squats, stretches, 1 leg rdls... etc. etc. I worked up quite a sweat in that 6x6 foot square in my living room! (I'll have a more detailed recap on my blog later *hinthint*)

    There will be foam rolling and a standing hip mobility sequence tonight!

    @fothers365‌ Try to take a slightly wider grip and think of pulling your elbows back while keeping them as close to your body as possible instead of pulling the bar to your chest. (Think of your hands as hooks.) Sometimes just cueing it differently makes a world of difference!
  • DaivaSimone
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    I'm seriously considering buying a foam roller for our house. While I was pulling et pushing on hubby's limb, I was saying again and again: seriously, if you would love to foam roll those, you would feel soooo great. Oh, god, you'll love foam rolling.

    I think that I may have a secret crush for that stupid PVC roll.
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    Hi! Newbie here, coming out of lurking :) I am so inspired by all the strong ladies in this group! I'm starting my fourth week of SL 5x5, and last night was workout B. I finally got to move up on some of the lifts, as I had been limited to 50 lbs until I set up my rack and got my 300 lb weight set.

    Squats: 5x5 @ 55 lbs (will increase to 60 next time)

    OHP: 2x5 @ 35 lbs, 3x5 @ 30 lbs (Ugh, I'll be happy to get up to the olympic bar by the end of the month!)

    DL: 1x5 @ 65 lbs (will increase to at least 70 next time)

    I can't tell you how much I love this program, and how much progress I'm already seeing. I wish I had taken before pictures, because I'm already noticing a surprising loss in inches. I am trying to eat at TDEE less 15-20%, which is probably 500 calories more than I normally would eat when trying to lose. I love that I can eat like I'm not really on a diet, cut down on the cardio, and I'm losing weight faster than ever before! I'm sure that's just because I'm new to the program, and it will probably stall in the coming weeks, but I am happy enough with the changes I've seen so far that I don't care how long it takes to reach my goal.
  • WillRun4Wine79
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    I guess I'll come out of lurking as well :smiley: I am also on my fourth week of SL. I did workout A last night.

    Squats: 5X5 80lbs
    BP: 4X5, 1X5 60lbs
    Rows: 5X5 55lbs

    I think I'm going to have to go back to just the bar on rows though, because my form sucks. I'm also stuck at 30lbs for OHP. Any suggestions on how to improve here?

    I am really enjoying the program so far. I needed a change up from my old gym routine and this already feels so rewarding. Seeing all you strong ladies just makes me even more motivated to get there too!
  • mbcieslak87
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    Workout A

    Squat - 1x5 @ 45, 1x5 @ 65, 5x5 @ 95
    Bench Press - 1x5 @ 45, 5x5 @‌
    Bent-Over Rows - 1x5 @ 45, 1x5 @ 65, 5x5

    Chin-Ups (using assist) - Bodyweight minus 50lbs 1x5, Bodyweight minus 45lbs 2x5
  • Welcome out of the closet, lurkers :smiley:

    OHP is a difficult lift and a lot of us have problems with it. I improved by making sure my form was right by watching videos and reading Starting Strength. For me, my grip was too wide so I brought it in to shoulder width. I also think about pressing from my chest and tightening my glutes. There's a hip element to it too but I haven't yet mastered it. I'm not pressing much but it feels better and I feel stronger making these form and thought tweaks.
  • WillRun4Wine79
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    Thanks @MissHolidayGolightly. I'll try to change how I think about the lift and focus on my form. Hopefully if I can get that then I'll start to see the improvement.
    I just had the library I work at order Starting Strength, so hopefully that will be in soon and I can join the discussion group :smile:
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    WillRun4Wine I am stuck with just the bar on OHP. I'm noticing my left are is much stronger than my right, so I can get it up on the left side without an issue, but my right is a struggle. Hoping the right side will catch up and even out soon.
  • ChristiH4000
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    Hi, I'm a total lurker. First time posting here!
    I started Stronglifts at the beginning of Jan after trying NROLFW for a few months and getting really overwhelmed with it. Stronglifts seems to not overwhelm me as much. Here's what I did yesterday on Wkt B:
    Squat [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    OHP (this is the hardest lift for me) [email protected], 4/5/4/5/[email protected] (2nd time for this weight...really tough)
    Deadlift [email protected]
    I finally started bringing flat shoes which seems to have stabilized me quite a bit on squats as they get heavier, but I have my running shoes for an interval run afterwards on the dreadmill. Looking forward to spring where I can just do my lifting and go run outside!

    I keep thinking I should make sure I feel confident with a weight before I move up another 5lbs on any given lift. Is there any reason I couldn't slow down my progress and add another week with a weight once I can get it up for 5x5? I've read some on here that make sure they can get it with only 90 seconds rest for 5x5 before they moved it up. I really like that idea.
    I love feeling stronger and just want to keep this going safely for the long haul.

  • Llamapants86
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    @christiH4000 There is nothing wrong with waiting a little bit to move up in weight. Some people move up once a week instead of each workout, some add in more sets or reps. My way is that I go up every time I get 5x5 with solid form. So if anything felt off I don't count the rep and therefore repeat the weight. The other thing is if I am unsure of a new weight (mostly on OHP because arggggg OHP), I will try it out at the higher weight but if it feels way to heavy I will finish my 5x5 at a lower weight.

  • ChristiH4000
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    @Llamapants86 - Thank you for the reassurance. Sometimes it's weird because I'm doing this alone so even though I feel like I'm progressing, I still feel unsure of myself.
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    Cardio day. I walked for a little over three miles, which took an hour. I thought I was supposed to get faster as I keep walking, but I keep getting slower. I think maybe I need to add a short (20 min?) speed drill to train myself to walk faster. These long slow days seem to be killing me. I need the distance because I'm doing a 5k in June, but I want to get faster at it too.

    I'm only walking the 3 miles now because I plan to start the c25k program at the end of the month, so I'll be adding running then. Should I just wait to start the program, instead of starting speed drills?

    My quads also hurt now. Is that normal?
  • Sumiblue
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    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    [email protected], [email protected] (eff off OHP!)
    [email protected]
    10 Good mornings @‌ 45
    6 lunges @‌ 45
    100s (Pilates abs)
  • IzzyBooNZ1
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    thanks for the response all ! I will stick to SL and in the off days do some core work

    Today was my first day on workout B

    Holy carp. Overhead press was SO HARD ! I just did the bar ( 20kg) and it was a struggle. Might stick to bar again next time. Did anyone else struggle with this at first?

    Deadlifts at a total of 40kg including bar was also hard. I think next time I will try at 30kg cos I found it hard to keep form.

  • katro111
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    Today was supposed to be de-loaded squats, but I wanted to try last week's heavy set again after doing some hip, knee and ankle mobility work warm-up. I also realized that on my heavier squats, my knees are buckling in instead of pushing out so I did all of my squat reps with a resistance band around my knees (well, a couple inches above) so it forces me to push outward. It definitely helped with my knee pain & crackling and I was happier with my form.

    Squats - warm up + [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] then 3x5 @ 135lbs (all with the resistance band)

    I think I'm going to repeat this last cycle's squat weights to work on really getting my form down.
  • sumnerfan
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    It's Amazing the difference 5lbs makes
  • sumnerfan
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    Finally got over myself and squatted with the bar. I moved the bar up farther on my shoulders and it felt much better.
  • mirrim52
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    @IzzyBooNZ1‌ - I think pretty much everyone struggles with OHP. I started with a 40 lb fixed barbell and struggled with that.

    Squats - 5x5 at 125 lbs. This was a repeat. The women's only gym was dead, so I recorded myself and confirmed that my form needs work. I am not quite hitting parallel (I am pretty much like the SS picture of "often confused with parallel") and my weight is shifting forward. I am going to deload for a bit to fix this before moving on.

    Bench Press - 5x5 at 70 lbs. Redeemed myself after my horrible failure on rep 3 last time. I am going to repeat this weight one more time I think.

    Row - 5x5 at 75 lbs. Meh. I haven't decided if I am moving up on this yet. It feels weird. I need to figure out how wide my grip should be.
  • Llamapants86
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    IzzyBooNZ1 wrote: »
    Holy carp. Overhead press was SO HARD ! I just did the bar ( 20kg) and it was a struggle. Might stick to bar again next time. Did anyone else struggle with this at first?

    Yes, ohp is still my nemesis. Every new 5 lbs increment makes me dread workout b. That being said, every time I manage 5x5 on a new weight I feel on top of the world.