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    I wonder if there is a way to get the current stickied threads up date a bit. I think that has to be done by a moderator though and I haven't seen one of those peeps around for a while.

    Anyway work out today
    Recovery run of 3.5k really slow at lunch
    Workout A this evening
    Squat 180 lbs 5/4/5/4/5 I was pretty confident that I was hitting below parallel on these and I think my running is impacting this negatively as well
    Bench 90 lbs 5/5/5/5/4 I think I could have gotten the last rep but I really didn't feel like doing the roll of shame
    Row 85lbs 5x5 these felt pretty solid. I just deloaded from 95 lbs so this really wasn't an unknown

    Food wise today I saved 600 kcals for my after workout "snack" I had been craving nachos so badly but I think that left me unfueled for my workout. Probably won't be doing that again any time soon

    I was also planning on doing a tempo run of 3.5k tomorrow at lunch but I think I will just have an active rest day tomorrow. My shins hurt and my knees are quite stiff so I don't want to push too hard and hurt myself badly.
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    Sorry if I spewed questions
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    ^^ NOT AT ALL :smiley:

    Poor phrasing on my part. My apologies. I edited my post to fix that.

    @Llama - I've been thinking that same thing. Maybe the owner can add a group moderator that's actually active in the group?

    And I just re-peeked at the current FAQ, and it covers some things but not all of the stuff that's been coming up lately. It's one of the reasons I like the idea of people posting their favorite pieces of advice -- which will include stuff that new folks might not think to ask about.
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    I agree that it would be nice to see the stickies updated a bit. I could imagine threads just on form, accessory work ideas, probably a whole host of stuff.

    Workout A today...I'm coming down with a stupid cold so I told myself I could just do my main lifts, not add weight and then go home. The negotiating with myself worked and I did a little extra and felt decent the whole time.

    Squats - 85lbs 5x5
    Bench - 70lbs 5x5
    Barbell Row - 60lbs.

    And then I did hip thrusts in the smith machine and IDGAF what anyone at the gym thinks!! Lol. I stared at the ceiling the whole time hoping nobody was watching. :o

    Finished up with 20 minutes on the elliptical. And now it is Nyquil and BED! Nice work today everyone!
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    I considered staying home today and making it a lazy day off since didn't have work. Instead, I went to the gym and tried out the 6:30 pm grit strength class, which requires dealing with traffic and more people in the gym in general. I know they change the class but guess I didn't quite know how often because it's already different than when I took it two weeks ago, which had been only the second time from the last change. We needed steps and did burpees and jumps with those along with the usual variety of row, clean & press, lunges, etc. I'm still slow, can do far less but I did sort of regular push-ups with the burpees along with trying to jump on one set of jump things, since I don't usually do the jumping. She fixed my form on row, reminding me to pull higher cause I can't quite get the move when going to my stomach. Also, one of the few times I'll be told not to squat so deep, lol.

    Did 30 minute walk treadmill after. Now it's time for food and to try and get decent protein today.
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    I didn't take it personally. I've been on both sides of the coin and sincerely don't want to be annoying. Thanks for letting me be a part of your tribe.
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    Newbie, no questions. I just downloaded 5x5 app. Will start tomorrow. Cardio day today. Been doing too much cardio, need to mix it up.
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    crabada wrote: »
    @Xcalygirl -- I totally know what you mean, but that would entail us figuring out the questions we need to "ask" and answer. And someone writing it. If it's just a thread, even if it does get jumbled, we can still at least point the newbies to it and say "Read this! What you want to know is in there!" (With the sweet-and-kind implication that they do need to some homework before just posting questions. :) ) But I'm open to whatever the group thinks will work best.

    I had started a wiki for exactly that purpose, actually.... Then never got around to fixing it up because I'm actually somewhat of a busy gal but I tend to forget that and think I'm still in high school with all the free time in the world, lol.

    We could have the link to the FAQ in the first post of a thread (since I don't think the MFP forums lets you edit ANY post after 1 hour) and a conversation below for new questions that would ultimately be added to the wiki.

    And possibly lift-specific sections where we can compile the tips and tricks of everyone and whenever someone comes up with that question again we could just whip out the link to the wiki and woilà! Err, Voilà!

    If anyone has more free time than I do and wants to help... xD And I can always contact lwoodroff or jstout if anything needs stickied or un-stickied, btw.

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    Having a "so you want to start SL" section would be helpful, I think. There are some questions I thought silly, but ended up saving my form for example.

    Yester I carried on with plates on the Oly Bar for OHP - 50 lbs. I managed 4 reps for 4 sets and 5 for the first!! Will keep this going until I get stronger.

    The Squat felt a bit odd. I do not know if it is because of a long time injury that I have on my hip.

    Has anyone ever experienced pain/discomfort in the hips when squatting? Right on the pelvic bone? Am researching on stretches...
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    Here, I found the link to the wiki: http://stronglifts-mfp.wikia.com/wiki/StrongLifts_5x5_Summary
    Not 100% sure how wikia works for collaborators and whatnot, but I'll gladly give any of you editor rights if that's a thing and you're willing to contribute :) )
    And if you're not too good with the whoel formatting shebang, you could also just create the content, let me know and I'll go fix it up when I have a chance)

    Today was GREAT! Day 24 of 25 of Garage Built Body! I reduced my warm-up and tried to speed it along. Which worked out well, I think :)

    Every 30s for 5 minutes -> Rapid fire squat jumps (and I did a tuck jump on the last rep of each)

    4 sets of submax (so NOT to failure) of decline push-ups (12' box)
    10/8/8/8 for a total of 34. Back in december when I did this i got 26 total!

    And for time 10,8,6,4,2 of
    - Knees to bows
    - bent over KB rows
    - front rack drop lunge (total, so half per leg)
    - double kb swing

    My previous time was along the lines of 9:30 with 2x25#
    Today i did 7:13 with 2x30#
    All the hanging knee raise work has paid off!

    Then, since I want to keep fresh for Saturday since it is TEST day, I decided not to do any accessory aside from some REALLY SLOW negative chin-up singles (6 of 'em), spaced out by hip mobility drills and a little bit of core work specific to that.

    I feeeeeel gewd! =D
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    Apparently I jumped the gun getting back into the gym today...

    Squats - I barely broke parallel with the bar only before my back was screaming at me, I did half squats to see if it would help stretch things out, but no luck. Just pain!

    OHP - 1x8 @ 45, 5x5 @‌

    BW Dips - 3x12

    And a lot of foam rolling. Felt lame only spending 30 minutes there, but I fear my back will get worse if I don't let it heal.
    As I type this it hurts when I sit :-(

    Any suggestions on what do to for lower back pain other than rest? And stretches that really help you??
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    Anyone ever had wrist pain after rows? My left wrist is KILLING me from what I believe were my 100lb rows Tuesday =/ I feel like pulling the par to my chest, I turned my wrists in? Does that make sense? Makes me hesitant for OHP today.

    Yesterday, got about 17000 steps in and 5km on the treadmill. Still on the fence what to do tonight.
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    Ugh. Frustrating couple days. Last night was 3 hrs of derby, and 2.5 hrs in, I got hit (cleanly) in scrimmage, fell funny, and tweaked the ankle that is still recovering from a sprain. Of all the days to forget my brace at home. I had to sit out the last half hour. I was so pissed off.

    I really wasn't feeling my workout this morning, but went anyway.

    Squat - 5x5 at 120 lbs after warming up. Still feeling ok. I am liking my grip now and really getting the hang of squeezing my shoulders at the back. I am sick of getting the unsolicited advice from random people of "Don't lean over, keep your back upright" when warming up. Yeah, cuz how am I going to do that with 120 lbs in a low bar position without falling over backwards?

    BP - failed after 3 reps at 70 lbs and had to so the roll of shame. Damn that hurts the pelvis :P Super frustrating because I only missed 5x5 by one rep last time! I was expecting to nail it, and instead I didn't even get 3 full reps. I went down to 65 lbs and did 5x5, but it was hard. I am undecided what to do next. Whether to up to 70 again and try again, or stay at 65 until it gets easier.

    Row - 5x5 at 75 lbs. This is a repeat weight. They felt a lot better this time, and I will go up to 80.

    I suspect a couple things contributed to failing on BP.
    1) I was tired and not really feeling it.
    2) I may have not eaten enough. I had a bowl of Kashi for breakfast, but I was starving when I got home. I may try eating more next time, or going later in the day. Even though it was after school drop off, I am not a morning person.
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    symba1130 wrote: »
    Any suggestions on what do to for lower back pain other than rest? And stretches that really help you??

    I've been there with the lower back. More often than I'd like :(
    I've used this in the past and it did help a little so maybe it will help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK1SrN2O2u0

    Some other key points that usually help me recover:
    1- warm epsom salts bath
    2- try not to sit too much
    3- Prop your knees up with a pillow when lying down
    4- walking seems to loosen up the whole hip area
    5- lacrosse ball to the butt cheek (and the rhomboids. No I'M serious, upper back tightness leads to lower back tightness as well). Careful with the foam rolling, though. You don't want to aggravate the inflammation (if there is ANY swelling or tenderness whatsoever, stay away from it).
    6- You might want to go through the limber 11 routine as well, actually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSSDLDhbacc
    7- plenty of water+electrolytes to stay hydrated. You could go for some ibuprofen if the pain is really bad, but I'm not a huge fan of those if I can stay away, personally (although sometimes you just have to)

    Here's to a speedy recovery!
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    Thank You @krokador!!!
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    I had my clothes all laid out, my alarm set for 4:45 to go to the gym...and at 4:30 my son woke up.

    Since I was planning on getting up anyway, I was a good wife and got up with him so my wife could sleep in a bit. I was planning to work from home anyway, so when childwatch opened at the gym we packed up and headed over. Probably had a better workout than I would have at 5am anyway.

    Squats: [email protected], [email protected]
    Bench Press: [email protected], [email protected]
    Row: [email protected]

    Also added in some assisted dips and pullups, as well as 3x8 inverse rows and 3x8 barbell shrugs at 55lbs.

    And then decided in my cardio to hit the "fit test" button to see what would happen. Apparently the treadmill makes you run slow but steady at a 5.0 incline and then measures your heart rate to see how "fit" you are. I may have told the treadmill to go screw itself after it told me I was unfit based on my heart rate. So the moral here: do not press the "fit test" button unless you want to punch a treadmill today.
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    Well, kinda glad I'm not the only one a little achy. Miser likes company and all. lol My left hip does ache some when I squat, which is weird for me because my right hip is the one I've injured in the past. It only aches during squats, however, and by cardio time it's fine again though my left knee has been a little cranky on occasion too. My back is bugging me so I'm icing along with the heat pad (not same time) to see if that helps. I think OHP was the culprit but it'll be fine soon, I hope. I just need to be more careful today with freight and not try to move too fast or carry too much. I might actually use a cart to move things closer instead of grabbing a bunch of stuff to carry at one time.

    Still going to lift tomorrow. Somehow, the back ache isn't bothered by deadlift so I'm going to try 200 on my day 3 of week 12 session.

    Oh and if anyone is good at form checks, there is one posted in the sticky forum. I looked but I dunno since I mostly do high bar and mostly stare at the lifting belt cause I don't even know how to use those. Maybe someone who knows more on the squat form can go look and help the one who posted.
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    glwerth wrote: »
    I need to de load on dead lifts. I have now failed at 245 three times. So, taking it down 10 and working my way back up.

    I have a newbie question about this. I thought when you failed three times and deload, you were supposed to deload 10% not 10lbs? Or is that what you meant by 10? Because 10% would be 24lbs, and a 10lbs deload seems like much less of a deload. I'm not judging, I'm genuinely curious about this.

    10% is what I meant. Sorry! :)
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    Public holiday here so morning lifting on a weekday - weird lol

    Squat 5x5 @‌ 140lbs
    Bench 5x5 @ 85lbs.
    Row 5x5 @ 90lbs.

    Some lat pull downs, underarm pull downs, step ups for fun lol
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    Parent teacher conferences tonight. Booo. Hissss. Booo.