Changing foods to lose weight!

I lost 6.4 pounds during a 11 day detox, just by changing the food I ate. I ate certain types of foods and eliminated some too. I didn't realize that I was following the paleo diet until I found a Paleo Cookbook.

I feel great! I wanted to share my experience with others. So I created a new group called Revitalized Bodies.


I look forward to encouraging you!


  • dishasareen94
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    Can you pls tell me what paleo diet is
  • grace4u2receive
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    Paleo diet is eating meats, fish, fruits, veggies and nuts. No dairy, grains or anything processsed.

    When you eat certain foods, it helps eliminate the toxins that have built up in our bodies. I was amazed at the weight loss I had just by following a detox book that said what foods to eat and what to eliminate.
  • What book was it?
  • grace4u2receive
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    The book is The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet by Ann Louise Gittleman. Cover of book says safely lose up to 8 pounds overnight safety. I was suspicious until I read and tried it. It didn't come off overnight, but 11 days 6.4 pounds coming off is awesome!

    Easy to do by eating certain clean foods and eliminating 'Detox Detractors' as they are called.

    Hope you will consider joining the Revitalized Bodies group as we encourage each other through a detox!
  • Do you have a link to your group? I COULDN'T.find it in search.
  • grace4u2receive
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    MFP doesn't have group searches yet, but hope this link helps!