Your Daily Beverages

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Per request, I am creating a daily beverage thread. Since your beverages are the basis of your fasting, it's good to keep beverages handy and in good supply. Here are mine:

MORNING: 1 to 2 cups of black Maxwell House coffee (with water added and with Splenda).

MID-MORNING: 1 large 44 oz glass of ice-cold water (ice water requires calories from your body to warm up, and because it's water, flushes you and increases loss). I'm no longer losing, but I still do it by way of habit.

NOON: 1 cup of cranberry juice. Yuck!
Or 1 chocolate milk (Nestle's Quik or Oak Farms)

MID-AFTERNOON: 1 large 44 oz glass of mixed teas (this is my favorite beverage of the day). tea consists of 1 regular black tea (Lipton), 1 Hibiscus tea bag (small), and 1 green tea bag (small) or 1 dandelion tea (small). Sometimes I combine all four. Sweetener of choice is usually Stevia, but sometimes nothing but lots of ice. I sip on this for several hours.

EVENING: A diet soda, but mostly just water as I desire it.

Post your own.



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    Today is only my second day, but I have drank only water so far during the fasting period. I used to love those Kool-aid water enhancers (kind of like Mio), would that be ok once in a while to switch up from the water? I am not a coffee drinker and hate tea so these would be my only other option. I do lemon water sometimes too. :)
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    I'm printing out your drink list to copy. Thank you!
  • LinDiSm26262
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    Morning: Vitamin drink a cup of decaf hot tea.
    Mid-Morning - Ice Water
    Lunchtime - Iced Tea
    Mid-Afternoon - usually I'm still drinking the 48 oz of iced tea from lunch
    Dinner: - Coke a few times a weeks or iced water
    Evening - Hot decaf tea or water
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    Adding to the list...

    Nettle tea
    Jasmine tea

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    From wakeup to about noon I drink about 60 to 80 oz of water and nothing else.

    At meal-time, I drink about 12 oz milk with whey protein and about another 8 oz of milk in a fruit smoothie. I might put a little grape or apple juice in the smoothie.

    In the 11 weeks I've done this I have also had a couple glasses of orange juice and chocolate milk on some cheat days. That is it.

    Water is all I've needed during the fasting part of the day. It makes my drink planning easy! I joke with my wife in the morning about having my breakfast while drinking a glass of water. I think all the water has been good for me.
  • vrojapu
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    black coffee
    black tea
    green tea
    milk with protein powder (soy/whey)
    V8 vegetable juice
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    From today I'm having one nestle quick chocolate milk after dinner. 2tsp. It's filling, very enjoyable, I pretend it's an after dinner cocktail with my ciggy and pretend I'm a glamorous 1940's film star. =)

    Hey, nothing wrong with pretending. I choose to believe that I am a reincarnation of the biblical Samson who, according to the Babylonian Talmud, could lift two mountains together as easily as a child could clods of dirt! :-p
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    Good role model...I hear he was a pretty cool guy. =)
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    Ok so how would 50cals in mashed up strawberries in 2ltrs of water be... too much for a day? Really dont want tp do soft drinks or cordial...anyone??? Would 50cals in 2lts of water be bad????
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    If you mean for the no-cal beverages, I'd stay no-cal. You don't want your pancreas active in fasting. Will it likely matter? No. You'd actually probably be getting less calories than 50. I can't see it being a big deal. You might try it.
  • misscarla89
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    I have coffee with two low calorie whitener tsp and then one tsp sugar which makes my coffee 41kcal a cup. I have one coffee in morning followed by lots of water and very very weak Squash throughout the day. Is it OK to continue with this? The squash I can live without but the coffee I dunno... Lol
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    nothing but cola with zero sugar and calories. Sometimes a cup of tea with milk, no sugar with desert
  • d_boo
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    I have two go-to beverages, aside from my coffee with heavy cream or blended canned coconut milk/cream in the morning:

    Fill 32 oz Nalgene (or similar) bottle with bubbly water (I use a SodaStream, but also love Pellegrino), squeeze juice from half a lemon (dump lemon peel half in bottle if organic), add about 5-7 drops of SweetLeaf steviaclear drops, add 2 teaspoons of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar <-- it all tastes a bit reminiscent of kombucha

    The cheesy "Jillian Michaels detox water" which is 60 oz water + tea from 1 bag of brewed dandelion root tea + 1 Tbsp 100% juice cranberry juice + 2 Tbsp lemon juice.
  • mbarnson
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    • A tall glass of water around 06:00 to start the day.
    • 16 oz coffee with a packet of Splenda and a teaspoon of creamer around 08:00. Sometimes a second one, but less often than not.
    • Fill up a 64 oz mug with ice water to sip throughout the day
    • Sometimes a Coke Zero, Diet Dew, or Sparkling Water around noon if I start to feel hungry.
    • Visit the bathroom at least 4-5 times in the afternoon because I had way too much to drink in the morning :smiley:
    • A tall glass of around 16 oz water to go with my one meal at dinner.
    • I'm usually done drinking after dinner. Just no further desire for more liquid and I don't want to be up in the night.
  • arguablysamson
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    Your beverages are your thing. It's good that everyone personalize them. There is no right or wrong there.
  • mbarnson
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    That's really proven to be the key for me with OMAD working on my behalf: there's no "falling off" the plan. At any moment, I can resume my plan by just stopping eating until my next window. And my choice of beverages -- as long as it's not a bunch of highly-caloric stuff -- is pretty wide open. I'm thinking of dialing back the caffeine a bit to ensure my prehypertension doesn't become full-blown hypertension... but in truth, the fasting itself brings both sides down about 10 points for me.
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    I've been drinking three cups of fresh ground Eight O'Clock coffee in the mornings. My daily intake of water is at least one gallon, sometimes with fresh squeezed lemon. Having diet soda a few times week is also nice.
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    I'm surmising it's all right to have fruit-infused water? I drink lots of LaCroix bc I love the carbonation burn!!!
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