Weekly Weigh In #6 Feb. 7th - Feb. 14th



  • I_can_do_this2
    I_can_do_this2 Posts: 294 Member
    Hi All,

    I remained the same again this week. Our houseguests have gone home so, before the next group arrives, I'm getting back on track this week. My stats are:

    OSW: 230 lbs
    UGW: 140 lbs
    Starting weight for Easter Challenge: 193 lbs
    Current weight: 187 lbs
    Weight lost under Easter Challenge: 6 lbs
    Weight remaining to lose under Easter Challenge: 14 lbs

    Great going, everyone. Good luck for the coming week.
  • gracielu7
    gracielu7 Posts: 58 Member
    1/1: 144.4
    1/8: 142.4
    1/15: 141.8
    1/22: 145.4
    1/29: 145.6
    2/5: 143.6
    2/12: 144.4

    I'm basically a yo-yo.
  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    Feb 13- 243.6 lbs, this is another 1.1 lbs gone.


    I am picking up extra shifts at work and working a roster makes it very hard to do regular exercise, but still hope to finish this challenge on a high note.
  • yogicarl
    yogicarl Posts: 1,260 Member
    Good start to the challenge, but taking a dive due to return to bad eating habits - confession time:
    - starting weight 165
    - then 164, 163, 162 - got too relaxed about it all and - 162 - 162 - 164
    - and STOP! With seven more weeks to go, I can pull out of this nose-dive and reach around 158, so all is to gain (well - lose, but you know what I mean).
  • Shrynkabelle
    Shrynkabelle Posts: 32 Member
    Starting weight 2 Jan. 91.3 kg
    Current weight. 87.2 = 9 lbs
    Goal weight by Easter 82.1 (20 lbs)

    My ultimate goal is to lose another 25 kg, but since I am also weight training, I might have to go more on body size, since I'm changing shape and losing inches/body fat
  • jennb3056
    jennb3056 Posts: 21 Member
    edited February 2015
    SW: 171.5
    1/8: 169
    1/15: 166
    1/22: 166
    1/29: 165
    2/5: 163
    2/13: 160.5

    Total loss so far: 11
    Weight left to lose for challenge: 9

    I finished 30 Day Shred last night! I'm so excited about the results...I would highly recommend this workout to anyone. I lost 11 pounds and a bunch of inches:

    Chest: 36.0 to 33.0
    Waist: 34.5 to 31.0
    Hips: 40.0 to 38.0
    Thighs: 25.5 to 24.0

    Good job everyone, keep it up!
  • hortensehildegarde
    hortensehildegarde Posts: 592 Member
    Jan. 01- 199
    Jan. 08- 199
    Jan. 15- 199? (who knows sort of flaked out there for a little bit)
    Jan. 22- 195
    Jan. 29- 195
    Feb. 5- 192
    Feb. 12- 191

    total loss to date since 1/1 - 8 lbs
    Easter goal 179
  • kellycasey5
    kellycasey5 Posts: 486 Member
    I am in a bad place today
    down to 175
    last week UP 4 pounds in 2 days to 179 (held in 175s the weekend and until tues)
    today 178 (was at 176 for weds and thurs).

    I log, I eat around 1330ish calories a day, and I am exercising daily. Any thoughts? I was doing very well and then....Feb came along! I started the migraine elimination which is more veggies, no dairy, and less processed foods. So far the only thing leading to a headache was a tomato basil cheese sandwich, so one of those foods may be guilty. I had a medication change 1/31 from verapamil to propanolol, and know that my heartrate is lower. Maybe the weight gain is medication related? 2 weeks seems quick to gain weight, but it is true I just weigh more (I hoped last week was a fluke and no idea why the increase this morning).

    I am down 3 inches overall, so there is progress, and I am definitely stronger and have better endurance. I just am confused about the weight. I should be losing. Feeling blue again this week....I was so looking forward to posting 176.3, but no today it is 178. GRRRRRR.....I want to throw in the towel and go hog wild today for Friday. The scale really messes with my head when I am working so hard. BUT, 178 is less than the 179 from last week. It just is annoying to see the 178 for a THIRD time in 3 weeks.
  • akoullias
    akoullias Posts: 18 Member
    Started a week late:
    January 8: 155.8
    January 15: 152.4
    January 22: 151.0
    January 29: 149.4
    February 5: 150.0
    February 12: 147.8
    February 19:
    February 26:
    March 5:
    March 12:
    March 19:
    March 26:
    April 2:

    SW: 155.8
    GW: 135.8
    Lbs. lost so far: 8
    Lbs. to go: 12
  • lindadprice
    lindadprice Posts: 150 Member
    Jan 4-182
    Jan 9-179.2
    Jan 16-180.4
    Jan 23- 180.4
    Feb 5-178.8
    Feb 14-176.6
    12 lbs to go
    Hopefully Valentine's Day treats and having to do other things instead of working out this week end won't ruin my goals.