nothing's working

I've been dieting since August and have not lost one pound. I had my adrenal gland removed and since then nothing works. My hormones are messed up. I feel hopeless. I want to to lose ten pounds. Myfitnesspal has me on 1420 calories a day to lose 1/2 pound a week, which I've been following but nothing comes off. I also exercise 3-4 times a week. I don't even know why I'm trying anymore.


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    Feel the same.....been careful with what I eat without being obsessive.
    I've been up and down within a five pound range. Just tried five plus two....lost weight and put on again!
  • I can't even go on the scale anymore. I am so discouraged. I cried this morning because I just got over my period and I thought at least water weight that I gained would come off. But it was the same.
  • When we work on losing weight and incorporate exercise into our regiment, we need to remember that as you are losing weight, you are gaining muscle in the place of fat; Muscle weighs more than fat, so though you may not feel like you are losing the weight, you may be losing the fat, just gaining muscle in its place.
    People can only lose so much weight before you will not lose anymore, as your body adapts to eating different and exercising more, you need to adjust your diet and exercise plan to accommodate that which your body burns and loses.

    I have been riding my bike to and from work for the past three weeks (9-10 miles each way) and I have eaten as I always do, I have not cut fats calories, or carbs out of my diet. I eat what I want and ride each day. Since I have started this and have not really tracked or planned to lose, I have lost 7 pounds.
    I have weighed myself once since I have started, because as a woman I do gain and lose water weight, not only because of my period, but because like all woman the salts and things like that that we eat keep water gain on our bodies. Why weigh yourself each week just to get disappointed, set small weigh in goals like every two weeks, then you may start to see a change.
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    Have either of you added exercise to your regimen? Could be you need to shake things up a bit. If you do- give it 6 wks before your body accepts the change and decides to burn the calories and measure everything you put into your mouth. Did you know that a person who weighs 20 lbs more, typically eats only 200 calories more a day? It's the little things that will keep you from your goal.
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    Take progress pics and take measurements so that you're not just focusing on weight. I've found recently that even though I may not be loosing weight, I've lost an inch or so off my waist, hips etc.

    Also maybe open your food diary so we can have a look and maybe give you some tips to try? :)
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    Losing weight is so hard, gaining it,,,,just sniffing food and I gain. I have 6 lbs to lose and I'm going to do it.
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    I weigh myself once a week. Same day and same time. This encourages a positive feeling about all the changes in my diet and excercise. Don't cheat and jump on the scale early. We are doing this to feel good about ourselves and be healthier women. Stay focused and positive. Hard work pays off.
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    Don't lose hope! It will happen. I remeber when I was losing 20lbs a couple of years ago, in the beginning it refused to come off. I would slave 6 DAYS a week in the gym with no results. What I did was a 2-day pre-diet cleanse on which I still ate but really really clean, and mostly vegitarian, but it did give me the kickstart I needed. If you are not very regular this can be causing a lot of fecal waste to build up and this can prevent you from losing weight. That was my problem, and I constantly stay on top of it so I dont encounter that problem again. And also if you are lifting weights you will proably lose more inches each week than weight ...
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    I went through much of the same thing until I really looked into the problem, my nutrition. It's more than cutting calories. You may have to look at the science of it. Calculate your resting calories (those needed to function daily), safe goal weight and what you need to burn for calorie deficiency. Sounds extreme, right? It's not. I did it and realized 1300-1400 calories was basically starvation for me who lives in the gym 5 days/week. I upped it to 1500-1600 calories, adjusted nutrition to mainly protein with veggies and a few carbs, and increased water to a gallon per day. Oh my gosh did it work! It may just work for you.
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    @9frieda9‌ Do you have an endocrinologist you are working with since your adrenal gland removal? Maybe they would have suggestions or treatment that could help boost your metabolism?

    I understand your frustration. I'm having a heck of a time losing any weight too. I know that muscle is denser than fat (not heavier...a pound is a pound), but it seems the more muscle I build, the more my bodyfat goes up as well. I'm 151# and 35% bodyfat on a 5'10" small framed body. This is the highest my bodyfat has ever been.
  • Hi, mkozmik, I'm new to this group and I have a similar problem. Although I've lost all the weight I want to, (12#), my body fat is at 32%. At age 55 and 116# on a 5' small frame body, I too, can't seem to rid myself of the body fat. I lost my weight since mid Dec and really can't afford to lose any more weight, just need muscle mass, which is harder to achieve at my age. If you have any suggestion I would love to hear them. A ? for you, Do you consume high fructose corn syrup? After much research it seems this is a big NO NO, as our bodies store it as fat. I lost my weight by dropping all processed foods and limiting breads (which I LOVE) pasta and rice. My exercise program is to walk my dog Rascal for 40 to 70 minutes daily and I am finishing my 3rd week of slim in 6 (killer workout). Hope to hear your thoughts. Mary
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    Getting rid of processed foods is an important step. I do a detox by eating certain foods to help get rid of the toxins that are on the fat that no amount of exercise will burn off. I will be doing another in March, if you want to join in at:
  • Thanks, grace4u2receive, I've applied to the group. I've read the liver needs to be detoxed to help lose fat, but no idea on how to do it.
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    @MaryEliKo‌ I have a lot of food allergies, so I don't eat a lot of processed food or food with corn syrup in it. I hear what you are saying though. Highly processed food can be really bad for your body.

    I try to only buy foods that I can read the ingredients and know what they are. I can't remember where I heard it, but I remember that if you must buy processed (convenience) food, try to buy one with no more than 6 ingredients. Which is actually very easy to do.

    Thank goodness I love to cook. It's kind of fun to make things from scratch and add your own touch to the meal.

    I think my real issue is not drinking enough water. I have a bit of a diet mt. dew issue. ;-)
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    I'm assuming you are on medication due to your adrenals being removed. Need to make sure your hormones are at the correct levels and get meds adjusted if necessary.

    You may also want to consider lowering your carbs. A lot of folks with endocrine problems do much better with lower carbs. You don't have to go to extremes. Just play around with your macros until you find what works and you can adhere to it.