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Hi all - I've reached my first "pit stop" weight and switching to maintenance. The plan is 1 fast day + MFP set for .25kg gain + eat back half of exercise. Obviously I'll modify this depending on results. Wondering what others have found?


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    I still need to keep up with 2 fasts per week. Seems I still like food too much. If I reduce the number of fasts my weight tends to creep up.

    With 2 I can maintain without being very strict on non fast days.
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    Thanks @flumi_f‌ - others?
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    Hey, I've been at maintenance for almost two months now. Once a week 24hr fast. It's going well. Now I overeat on 3 lifting days, flat on rest days, and then the fast takes down the weekly caloric balance to zero. I check my stats after every fast and so far they've been gradually improving. If my BF% were to go up I'd just add in an extra fast day and that should take care of it.

    I don't track or eat back exercise calories; I think that'd just confuse things.
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    Same as @flumi_f the weight creeps up with less than 2 days. But that is different for everyone. Considering you are not a peri menopausal female, you may do fine with one. ;-)
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    I'm noticing a few comments where people say they are doing 24 hour fasts. I think if you are doing 4:3 or skip day fasting (sorry not sure of 1 day, eat normal next, repeat) then 24 is probably ok, but here's Mosley's take from his FAQ:
    Is a “fast day” 24 or 36 hours?
    In reality a fast day is 36 hours. If you finish your last full evening meal at 7.30pm on Sunday, then Monday is your fast day, you are not going to be eating normally till Tuesday morning 7.30am. That is 36 hours. If you decide instead to fast from 2pm on Monday until 2pm on Tuesday, then that will only be 24 hours. Wait till 7pm and that is 29 hours. To do 36 hours you would have to hold off till 2am on Wednesday, which would be a little inconvenient

    If some of you are stalling this could be the reason. I've tried many different regimens/lengths of fasts since I started 5:2...just to test myself. I've done four 36 hour fasts within a week (1 hour of serious eating between each), done a few 4:3's, and even had a fast close to 60 hours on ~900 calories. I am actually at the tail end of a 40 hour fast on ~60 calories (a pickle and 10 fiber gummies). I think my sweet spot, where I don't feel excessively hungry and I can consistently lose 2 lbs a week (or more) is two fasts at 40 to 42 hours each at ~600 cal per.

    My experience/situation is atypical as I started around 510 6 ft that puts me in the "super morbidly" obese category. Which means it's officially ok to stare at me in public ;) . I'm lucky enough to have good blood work/pressure so there's that, but I can still function normally on fasts...even when I hit a state of what felt like heightened awareness (euphoria?) on that 60 hour fast.

    At the very least, for those of you just starting out (should have put this somewhere other than a "maintenance" thread) or wanting to push your fasts longer, it should show you that it can be done.
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    I've maintained on both 5:2 and 6:1 patterns.

    5:2 was OK for a while but I found I was slipping back from some of the healthier changes to my diet that I had made just to hit a higher calorie number on non-fast days.
    6:1 suits me much better. The 6 days give me quite a natural feeling calorie allowance - which explains why in the past whenever I ate intuitively I gained weight at a pretty steady rate.

    Also means I have 6 days in a small surplus which supports my heavy exercise routine very well. Plus of course 1 fast day is easier to schedule into my lifestyle rather than 2.

    Can't advise on the MFP settings as I custom set my goal from a very early stage - calorie calculators tend to over-estimate by about 300 cals a day (sadly!).