USAPL Minnesota State Open

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Sara and I competed this weekend in the USAPL Minnesota State Open. This was my first full powerlifting meet and I was excited and nervous as FUARK. I was injured several times last year from random things and it prevented me from getting on the platform.

I have a lot of thoughts about this, but we made a few videos for you to watch instead.

Sara was awesome on the platform, great at teaching me the finer points of powerlifting (timing the warmups, rules, remembering to set my next attempts, etc) and as an aside, she's just an awesome friend and she is now helping my wife with the kids. Amazing.

Anyways, you can check out the videos here:

NOTE: I posted my second bench attempt twice by mistake, so you don't see my opener.


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    In I suppose :p
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    This is awesome.
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    Wow! Thanks for sharing, you two are amazing!
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    Great Work!
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    zachbonner wrote: »
    the bar goes down at the same time as the judge's arm, that's bull

    It's possible that I got red lighted for a different reason but I can't think of what it might be.

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    SideStreet sounds super sexy with his cold.

    Extra homo.
  • Wow! Really, really great job to both of you!
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    Yeah Patrick, I also think you went down the same time as the command not before. Do the judges not have to give a reason as to why they give you red lights?
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    and thanks for posting this! Really great to be able to watch some pros :-)
  • Awesome job at showing us how its done! Congratulations!
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    Congrats both on a great comp!
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    Wow - you both looked great!
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    Great job at the meet.
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    Awesome job you two!!
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    Really interesting viewing for this newbie. Thanks. Say, do you think you (both/either of you) could've achieved your PRs if they were the 2nd lift instead of the 3rd? Or do you absolutely need to do warm up/lift 1/lift 2/attempt PR? I don't know how these competitions work at all...sorry in advance if this is a silly question.

    I also have to get better at translating KGs to lbs/vice versa...I was like "391 pounds, WTH?" till I realized it was all in KGs....

    I was also amazed at how quickly one does the deadlift. Down, grab bar, lift; boom. I still have to position, ensure grip, check form--feet, back, elbows, etc etc. Obviously a work in progress. Thanks for posting!