Hitting my first Plateau

madmags Posts: 1,340 Member
I am now 10 days at the same weight. I know some of you have dealt with much longer plateaus than this, but it is tough at first. I am still hitting the gym and doing well to get my protein and water in. I have been dealing with some tough emotional stuff over the past couple of weeks, so I know that can have an impact. I am going to continue on trying, it is just a bit discouraging, but will focus on other things, like strength gains and increased running stamina.


  • ac7nj
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    Well I'm telling myself that the exercise will build muscle mass and muscles are heavier than fat. So staying at the same weight might be that I'm trading one for the other. Still making progress just not measured on the scale.

  • DiamondRidge
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    Keep your chin up. I know that for me, when the scale gets stuck, I need to change things up a bit.... Sometimes that looks like actually eating more, sometimes it means eating less for a few days, sometimes it means working harder, sometimes it means taking a couple of rest days...

  • pawoodhull
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    And pay attention to your measurments because if you are gaining muscle while losing fat, you will se it in inches rather than pounds.
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    I am dealing with the same thing. My NUT said they can last up to a month. Just don't get discouraged and keep on keeping on.... So that's what I'm doing!
  • madmags
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    No true discouragement here, I will tighten up my diet even more and make sure I hit the gym everyday. Thank you all for your encouragement.
  • madmags
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    Next time I hit a plateau I will just make a post about it, because today I am down a pound. LOL
  • tlogesi
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    Whenever I see someone worried about a plateau or a stall in their weightloss, I think "what are you worried about, just keep doing the right things, (eating right and exercising)".

    But when it happened to ME, I thought "What am I doing wrong!" So, now I try to use it as a reminder to make sure I am doing the right things to get me to my goal.

    Thanks for the reminder madmags!
  • KarlaYP
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    I don't think they can be prevented. It's just part of the process. Knowing it will end when plans are followed is the key, and not letting it discourage us from our goals!
  • madmags
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    Tightened up the diet, hit the gym a little harder and more weight loss today. woot.
  • wvanglahn
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    Spoke with my DOC yesterday (I'm on Day 11), and he suggested increasing hydration, and, in general, that everyone hits this wall, but they break through it. Hang in there!
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