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I am seriously struggling to resume this way of eating. I veered off on Memorial Day and have been struggling ever since. My blood sugar has been extremly high recently and that is not helping at all. I am determined to resume this way of eating with the addition of a small amount of dairy.

Tonight I have spaghetti and meat sauce with spaghetti squash planned for dinner. veggie omelet for lunch and canteloupe and cottage cheese for breakfast.

If anyone has been down this road before I would truly appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance.


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    Lately this has been happening to me as well, Saturday, Sunday and last night -_- but now that I've literally eaten all the junk in the house today is a fresh start even tho I still feel the affects.... Headaches, bloating, stomach killing etc. hang in there and goodluck!
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    Every time I fall I have a hard time getting back up. I'm a sugar addict, can not handle even a little without majour symptoms, which makes it very difficult for me to get back to the no grain or sugar aspect. The only thing I can do to get honest with my diet is total elimination. I just refuse to eat any of the things that are vorboten to me. It's really rough until I hit keto again but it passes. Rather quickly if I have not been messing up for long.

    One of the things I've seen repeated ad nauseum on this site is to up your fat consumption. That cuts down on the carb cravings and helps keep you from indulging due to the satiety response.

    If your blood glucose levels are high you could try burning it off. Go for a swim or do some other low impact high effort cardio to blow off the sugar. It might force your body back into fat burning mode faster than just waiting for the levels to drop normally.

    Hope this helps,

  • I had to give myself a giant kickstart ---- NO dairy, NO gluten and of course log each item of food I eat. The no-dairy has helped tremendously in the cravings... might be worth a try?
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    Get it out of the house!

    If it's around I'll eat it. So me theory is: toss what is perishable, donate what's not. If it's a truly special food item then put it in a box in your storage area. Don't have it around. If it's not there than you can't eat it.

    And don't put yourself in any compromising positions such as a restaurant or dinner at a friend's place - at least not until you've got a handle on it (20 days for me).

    I know some people will argue that there are other people in the house that aren't following it, but if it's not good for one body then it's not good for any body. If they aren't with you, then (their food) is against you. For these situations a very blunt conversation outlining what you need from housemates is key. If you outline your weaknesses, stress points and what you need to succeed than there is no reason why someone who cares about you can't step up to truly support.

    Also, for me, I can't grocery shop when I'm craving or when I'm jump-starting paleo. I make the list and my husband does it.
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    thank you so much for the answers. It makes me feel a little less hopeless knowing that others have struggled also. I will take the suggestion and leave off the dairy till I get back under control. I do have the house paleo'd except for last weekend. It should be gone soon. lol I have three young adults here. I imagine they will finish it today. I will try to get some exercise also to help with the blood sugar. It has been rainy on and off here and my knee and ankle are just killing me but perhaps I can get some chair exercises in that don't impact that knee and ankle. Thanks to all.
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    I have to go more or less cold turkey. The one exception being dark choc (minimum 85% coco solids) get me through. 25Gm of choc only has 4 gm of sugar. Figure out your triggers. I need to keep fruit down if I've been on a bad run. Then I can bring it back in.

    My trainer was suggesting nut butters. But I can't keep these in the house - I'd eat the whole jar of almond butter if given a half chance.

    Keep fluids high, healthy fats so your full, lots of veggies and make sure you get your protein. If I let me get myself hungry I might go for the junk. I have to focus on making sure I'm eating regular healthy meals.
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    Tonight I have spaghetti and meat sauce with spaghetti squash planned for dinner. veggie omelet for lunch and canteloupe and cottage cheese for breakfast.

    This is not many calories and not much fat. I would guess the calories is between 1000 to 1200, at most. I find that if I'm not eating enough going off course is really easy. If I don't get enough fat, going off couase is really easy. Add an avocado in there or a handful of nuts. Good luck.
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    I think we all have bad days (or weeks… or months…) regardless of what stage we are in with our diet or lifestyle change (beginning, a few months in, a few years in, etc.). The important thing is to acknowledge that you had a bad week and get back on the horse. Don’t let this define you! Rather, let your motivation to get healthy and back to it define you!

    As for exercising when leg/knee/foot/hip pain is involved, my best friend suffers from this chronically and has found a few things that might be helpful to you. 1.) water exercises. She uses the local Y to do this – whether it be a water aerobics class or just swimming, 2.) Chair exercises (as you mentioned)… this video from Dr. Oz provides some good examples:, 3.) Cycling.

    Chin up! Good luck! You can do it!!