Another Carb obsession -confused state!

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Just went thru all my food diaries for last 41 days to figure out what my new lo-carb "average" is - it is 120. However, for the last 2 weeks, my lo-carb average is actually 88, so I'm getting better, but know that this isn't what most of you seem to be doing. I'm trying to ease into this new lifestyle and losing weight gradually...if I reset my macro to 90 carbs - what would be the best proportion for protein, fat? Hope this makes sense to someone, because I'm confused...


  • gerrielips
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    Just realized I spent all this time figuring out my average carb grams, not % - Am going to meet with a dietician on Thursday so hope that she can explain it to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has struggled with these numbers in the still reading up on this to learn more. Your comments are still welcome!
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    90g carbs works great for me, but I'm not a slave to numbers. I shoot for adequate nutrition. For protein, they say around 1g per kg of body weight, but there's a broad range that works. More is better for both satiety and for maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.
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    when all else fails, go back to the LCD Launch pad - just saw (again) the clearly written info on carb grams/day - so for now, if I stay around 100 I should be OK but like wabmester advises, don't be "a slave to numbers...shoot for adequate nutrition." You are so right!!
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    My numbers are keto set, because I could not kick the carb cravings at higher levels. I averaged out at about 35 grams per day before the cravings were history.

    Now I'm lower. And you should always use grams to set your carbs, and your protein "range," but fat, isn't restricted.

    The overall idea is carbs are a limit; protein is a range - more is okay, but not like half a cow more - a little over, a little under, not too huge of an issue as long as in weekly views you hit the minimum LBM numbers; and fat to satiety.

    You can always reverse engineer your % to forcibly give you the grams you need. But carbs are the limit - and even then, as long as it's veggies and not a bunch of junk, that can be somewhat flexible, though 100 grams of veggie carbs is a lot of veggies!!! LOL

    Good luck with the nutritionist. Not all of them are supportive of low carbing in any form, so I hope yours is. Don't let it deter you if she isn't. You can find another nutritionist who is more knowledgeable.