Calculating TDEE from weight loss

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I've been dropping weight pretty fast, about 2lb/week. Not that I'm complaining, but I'm trying to figure out how that works into calculating my TDEE.

My current weight is 131.5lbs. Goal weight is 125lbs (actually it's 20%bf, but if I keep my current lean body mass, that equates to a weight of 125lbs). I've been eating 1800cal/week this week (trying to slowly increase). Last week was 1700. For moderately active at 125lbs, the TDEE is 2060, which is what I'm working toward eating.

So here is my question: If I've been losing 2 lbs per weeks, does that put my TDEE closer to 2700??? Even at very active, it should only be about 2500. I do work out every day, and some of those workouts are pretty physical, but hardly what I'd consider very active. I have a desk job and sit a lot. Granted I'm a fidgety person, but still...

To put a wrench in the calculations, I've also adopted a primal style eating, which I love. I'm not super strict on it, I mean, my husband wanted soul food last Sunday so I had fried chicken and macaroni & cheese and this great fried fish sandwich topped with potatoes. Neither nutritious nor primal, lol. And I had a beer on Wednesday.

Could it be the primal diet (My diary is open so everyone's welcome to check it out), or could my TDEE really be that high?


  • heybales
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    That type of calculation would assume you are only losing fat, which I doubt it with so little to lose and losing so much weekly. If it was one week and water weight, sure, but week after week, you may be losing LBM, possibly muscle mass.
  • husseycd
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    I was a little worried about that. I had no intention to lose weight so quickly. In fact, I've been upping my calories. It's just falling off. I'll up some more. Next week will be 1900/day. I do not want to lose strength. It's taken me way too long to get to where I am.