SUPER Clean Eating for 11 Days!

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I am sure you eat clean as often as you can and hopefully notice weight and other changes. What kind of changes do you notice and how much weight do you lose when you eat clean?

Do you think you could eat SUPER Clean for eleven days?

I ate super clean for eleven days and lost 6.4 pounds and the last time my husband did, he lost 10 pounds. It helped clean out our system and reboot our metabolism. The best part is how we felt afterward! Full off energy we hadn't had in years!

How can anyone lose that much safely by just changing to clean food and eliminating unclean food? I was spectical when I read about it but tried it anyway. After all at the time I had nothing to lose, just weight.

There is a group of us walking through SUPER clean eating starting April 1st, but it isn't a joke. Just a time to Spring Clean our bodies and reset our liver and colon to do their job better. Here is the MFP group.

This type of eating (super clean) is also known as a detox. You might be asking why would I need to detox? One of the things that you have to give up is sugar of all types, even natural kinds. Learning about this substance and how it is eight times more addicting than cocaine. Can answer the question, but there are more reasons it is important.

This type of eating stopped my yo-yo effect on my weight and helped me to drop weight for good too get to my weight loss goal! I did it to lose weight originally, but was amazed at how I felt afterward!

You can eat super clean and still see significant weight loss without exercising. If you exercise while eating super clean, it only enhances more weight loss.

Let's get healthy and stay healthy! :D


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    Super clean eating starts today and will continue till the 11th if you need extra support and encouragement go to the group link above.

    We can do this! What kind of changes will you notice?