Starting Monday

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Hello everyone! I've been working out for several weeks now and have progressed to 1 minute jog, 2 minute walk intervals. Today I set a personal best with my first under 17 minute mile. I decided that if I'm going to progress, I need a plan. So, I decided to give this one a try. I still have 70 pounds to lose and the one minute jog is still kind of hard for me but I know I can do this. I'm prepared to take it slow and repeat days and weeks that I need to repeat. My goal is the local 5K they have her on Thanksgiving each year. I know that's far away but it's a start. If I progress faster, I will choose one sooner than that.

Happy to have found this group!


  • likitisplit
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    Glad you're starting!

    Don't worry about your speed right now. I did most of the program with an over-20 minute mile. Your first task is to find the speed where you can comfortably complete each run.