Don't be a Fool - Set April Goals!

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Didja really think I wasn't going to set goals? Bahaha! Riiight.

No but seriously, this month's goals, for me, will be things I can attain without too much effort. I've been failing so hard lately I need the boost. And I'm limiting myself to 5 to avoid stretching out too far.

1. Walk/run 50 miles total.
2. Do 20+ minutes of yoga at least once a week
3. Sit down to write for 30 mins at least once a week
4. Give my 110% in the gym
5. Spend time outside!

So, as you can see, no food or sleep-related goals, and it's mostly stuff that I don't have to perform at because, as a Nike ad would read, I get to Just Do It. It'll be a nice change of pace :)


  • nassaugyal
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    I stalk the goals thread every month and get so inspired, but I have never set any. That’s changing this month. So, here are mine:

    1. Lose 7 lbs
    I am sooo freaking tired of counting calories, so this month I want to finally get rid of this last 7 lbs. (yes, I know I’ll still have to count to maintain but at least he number will be higher!)

    2. Stop hitting snooze on my alarm clock.
    Seriously, it’s a real problem. I hit snooze for an entire hour in the morning. And this would lead to me accomplishing so many other things – like getting in cardio and yoga in the morning.

    3. Get in 10000 steps a day
    Even if it means just walking in place at my desk

    I won’t set any lifting goals because I want to focus on dropping the last few lbs. Next month when I’m no longer cutting I hope to crush it! But I will definitely continue to lift, just not worry too much about not increasing.
  • Llamapants86
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    1) Lose 2 lbs (it would get me down to my original arbitrary goal)
    2) Weekly deficit of 1750 kcals. I am hoping it will be easier to avoid binging with the higher allowance and with not looking at it daily so much.
    3) Long run of 8.5k this was a hold over from last month, I just want to cross 10k off of my list sooner rather than later
    4) 5k in 28 minutes, with my 5k race in just over a month I need to get more comfortable with pushing pace with 5k. I always start out slow because I worry about not finishing and I need to get passed that.
  • VeryKatie
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    OK! GOALS!

    April 6th - Start SL again (oops I got lazy) - Deload by 5-10% and get back in there M W F!

    Start running - prepare for the marathon relay. 20-30 minutes 3 times a week, just try to get faster but don't stress the muscles too much because SL is better - Tues, Thurs, Sun.

    Start having enjoyable lunch time walks with my friends a few times a week. They've already agreed!

    Cut ends on April 23! Maintain my weight (or dimensions only, that's fine) after that!
  • mirrim52
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    Lifting goals are flexible as I am a little clueless now that newbie gains are pasts for me.

    Squat - 145
    OHP - 60
    DL - 175
    Bench - 77.5
    Row - 95

    Lose 3 lbs. 4 would be ideal, but I know I have my hubby's big birthday party in there which will probably wipe out my deficit that week with snacks and booze.

    Not kill my husband now that he is laid off and home all the time :P

  • ScientificExplorerGirl
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    I am in to month 5 of lifting now. I definitely feel stronger and although my form isn't perfect I am getting better. I also am seeing lots more definition in upper body --some in lower body but this needs to improve.

    This month I would like to incorporate foam rolling into my routine. Maybe 3 times a week would be good. I got a foam roller a few days ago and am eager to get started.

    -I still can't do a pullup but I'll continue to work on it.
    -My OHP is up to 52 lbs [finally passed 50]. Maybe this month I will work towards 55 lbs.
    -My DL goal is 120 (currently at 105).
    -I will also be incorporating more running and biking into my workouts as the days get nicer. This will require me to figure out how to do what I want to without "killing" myself :-)
    -Would also like to lose a few pounds.
  • Jennifer_Lynn_1982
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    I love these threads! I haven't posted yet but I've been reading through them from time to time and you all are such awesome inspirations!! I've been doing SL for about a month now and am starting to feel comfortable with all of the lifts except for the squat. I'm having troubles getting parallel so my goals are:

    1. Lift 3 days per week (M/W/F or T/Th/Sat or Sun)
    2. Work with my physio to improve my flexibility in my hip and achilles to help improve my squat form
    3. Walk 16 times on my lunch break with a co-worker & improve our pace from 3.5 mph to 4.0 mph consistently
    4. Incorporate 1 extra cardio session per week
    5. Lose 2 lbs but heavier focus on losing inches before leaving for Arizona on May 7th
    6. Re-activate my gym membership so I can start lifting barbells again, not dumbbells
    7. Lifting goals: current/goal
    - Squat 70/75lbs (depending on if I can improve my form)
    - Bench Press 50/60
    - Row 60/70
    - OHP 40/50
    - DL 70/90
    8. Fill the air in my bike's tires so I can start going for bike rides again since the weather is getting so nice!
    9. Continue eating an average of 1575 calories/day
  • threnjen
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    1) Get to that 100lb squat! Yeesh!
    2) Average 10k steps per day each week
    3) Lift 3x weekly
    4) Lost 2.5 pounds
    5) Get comfortable riding my new bike and take some rides!
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    Hi all. May I join? I'm currently training for a 10 miler (it's taper week thank god) and am on the 3d week of SL. I can definitely feel my legs as I've increased weights so I'm glad the running training will be over soon. My goals for the month are:

    1. Increase weight for my overhead presses from 45 lb. to 50lbs. I'm on week 3 and tried 50 lbs. but could barely finish the 4th rep /first set (kept arching my back) so I'm still stick on the 45lb. bar.

    2. Increase weight on my barbell rows. Currently lifting 80lbs. and felt I was losing form this last round so will stay at 80 lbs for now.

    3. Run my 10-miler on April 12

    4. Control my eating habits. Is it me or does StrongLifts make you hungrier? I can't seem to curb my hunger and trying to add more protein. I feel like I'm gaining weight and I don't want that to happen.

    5. Lose either weight or inches? I should measure myself now and see what my measurements will be by the end of the month.
  • parkerpowerlift
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    Well, I am finishing off week two of Stronglifts. I'm new to heavy lifting, after losing almost all of my weight from running! So every successful lift is a PR. However...

    1.) To improve my lifting form...I feel like my DL is better but my barbell row is a lost cause.

    2.) To not have failure while doing overhead lifts. My upper body is so weak! I almost wonder if I should be doing secondary work to work on my upper body strength outside of SL5x5...I struggle with the bar!

    3.) I am currently 43 pounds down. I'd like to at least get to my 45 lb mark by the end of the month. My weight loss has drastically dropped, especially since I'm getting so close to my goal weight.

    4.) Clean up my eating, increase water intake, and start tracking macros better (I have been very lenient with my food intake, basically CICO).

    5.) To consistently do 3 days of lifting and 3 days of running. I joined a running club this week!
  • awkwardsoul
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    I'm having a hard time figuring out a reasonable goal to lift without me spazing and killing my form to get there - I guess as long as I stay honest!

    1. Squat 200lbs/ OHP 75lbs/ Deadlift 185lbs/ Bench 100lbs.
    2. Figure out rows, ugggg. I'm just slopping through so far.
    3. Continue my streak on MFP of tracking my calories and macros
    4. Work in some negative pull ups.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Now that I'm back from my mini vacation, I should come up with my goals for April.

    1. Get down to 157 - That means I need to lose about 5 lbs from pre-vacation weight. Still hard to believe I'm almost in the 150's.
    2. Do stage 2 of NROLFW and start stage 3 - stage 2 is just 8 workouts.
    3. Make it through weeks 5 & 6 of C25K - Getting to the change ups and long runs, but have until mid-June to get through the whole program.
    4. Keep up with A to Z blog challenge on both blogs - Have to post almost every day, following the alphabet (day 2 I did a post about Bacon cause it starts with B).
    5. Start organizing schedule more and plan food at least 2 days ahead.
    6. Write 20,000 words in story and keep up in other writing challenge.
    7. Start packing and donating stuff I don't need as plan to move in the near future.

    Okay, that should be enough for one month.
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    mirrim52 wrote: »
    Not kill my husband now that he is laid off and home all the time :P

    hah. you're not afraid of a real challenge, are you?
    dcresider wrote: »
    Is it me or does StrongLifts make you hungrier?

    pardon me while i laugh myself blue. um, no. it isn't ;)


    - get through another month of this job. that will put me at 5 down, 8 to go. one more after that and i'll be close to halfway.
    - not sleep on my left side for the whole of this month. it's so bad for that shoulder.
    - 2x60sec plank. every. day. morning and night.
    - investigate pushups while i'm down there.
    - journal at least every couple of days. bleh. i keep hold of my life so much better when i do it, and yet it bores me so much.
    - try to log food, which i hate and find boring past all belief, but now that i'm eating all kinds of random-type things i think that it would be good.

    sl goals are pretty much all about form:
    - squat: 90lbs. shoulders and symmetry more important than weight.
    - maybe quit benching if i can't clean up my form soon, and find an alternative. dunno; i have a workshop in two more weekends that might fix it all up.
    - ohp just keep working to get the form right.
    - rows: 75lbs? today i did 70 but it may be a fluke so we'll see how that goes.
    - deadlift: find a good pattern for strong form again. mine's all disassembled and scattered all over the place. i'll set 110 or so as my baseline for this, but i won't set a new weight goal as that makes me skip the form parts.

    also, i'll try to ride more tits-up more of the time instead of hunching and i'll keep on with the left-handy thing. and finally, i'm pretty sure i'll be due for a rest week at some point in april.

  • giusa
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    April Goals

    -StrongLifts 3x a week.
    -Stay at current working weight (or add 1# plates) until I master form. Invest in mirror. Take video.
    -Start tracking full body measurements. Take full shot photo to track with measurements.
    -Lose a minimum of 3% body fat.
    -Stop second guessing my macro/calories.

    We'll see about the last one, with all the information out there, it's really difficult!
  • Deena_Bean
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    - I really, really need to stay closer to my calorie goals. I'm usually at or below maintenance (but still quite far off the 1600/day mark). I know I'll see some changes quicker if I just buckle down and do it.
    - Continue working on form with SL - rows are stupid and I hate them. I also hate squats. I like the other stuff, though :)
    - I'd like to get under 170, but that's about a pound a week, so it's a stretch.
    - Get out of bed at 5:30 instead of 5:50 so I'm not rushing to get out of the house at a decent time to make it to work.
    - Focus on my kids more
    - Be better about meal planning (for myself and the kids)
  • lemurcat12
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    Hi, all, can I join in? Weight lifting goals are something I've been struggling with, as I don't really know how to set reasonable goals, and I've been doing NROL with more of a focus on higher volume 8-12 and moving up when it feels easy at 12 plus some additional Olympic lifting (I have a class), which has not been paying off with as much progress/strength gains as I should be getting as a newbie. I finally buckled down and read the program in Starting Strength (which seems really similar to the SL 5x5 program) and downloaded the SL app, and am thinking of spending a month really focusing on trying to increase my strength and weights.

    The goal for April will be to see how much I can improve on back squat, deadlift, OHP, bench, and power clean in one month following the Starting Strength program.

    (I'm torn because I also want to focus on losing these final 5 lbs that seem to love me so much they won't leave, but I am more excited about strength gain possibilities, I think.)
  • Graceious1
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    Hello All,
    This is the first time I'm posting in the goal threads. I only joined last month. My April goals are:
    1 Lift without deloading (I now have my squat rack so this will help)
    2 Grow my business
    3 Lose 2lbs
    4 Be consistent with my taekwondo training (I have a black belt exam at the end of May)
    5 Do 15-30 minutes of jogging a week (build up endurance for exam)
    6 Keep on sharing, smiling and loving

    Is there ever a review of the previous month's goals?

    All the best everyone! :)
  • mirrim52
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    We usually revisit the thread at the end of the month and check in :)
  • Graceious1
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    Ok and I'll be sure to do that. I can't wait to see the results.
  • LaarainNYC
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    Lose 5 lbs.

    Do SL 3x a week consistently.

    Get to 55 on OHP, 70 for rows/bp. I don't have as much trouble making progress on squats or DLs so I don't worry too much and let the app guide me.

    Make a decision about grad school.

    Make progress on cleaning our apartment.

    Start revising my novel.
  • DawnEmbers
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    Over a week since I posted the goals, might as well check to see how things are trending.

    1. Get down to 157 - 162 last weigh in though around 161 now (checked but not listing it yet as measurement day is coming up) Down after vacation so progress thus far.
    2. Do stage 2 of NROLFW and start stage 3 - 4th workout done of stage 2 with 4 more to go.
    3. Make it through weeks 5 & 6 of C25K - started week 5.
    4. Keep up with A to Z blog challenge on both blogs - I got way behind on commenting on other blogs so am catching up but have posted every day, though some in the middle of the day.
    5. Start organizing schedule more and plan food at least 2 days ahead. - not made much progress yet.
    6. Write 20,000 words in story and keep up in other writing challenge. - Keeping up in other challenge but haven't written in the one story yet.
    7. Start packing and donating stuff I don't need as plan to move in the near future. - Slight progress but need to cement move plan first.

    On my way towards the goals but a lot to do still in the next less than 20 days.