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  • FoleyF1
    FoleyF1 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi- I'm starting the intermediate challenge today! Thanks and good luck to everybody!
  • meemmy2k
    meemmy2k Posts: 2 Member
    How do I join the challenge though? Can't find it on the my fitness pal app on my ipad
  • kmeyne41
    kmeyne41 Posts: 3
    Hi I'm Kimberly Meyne. I'm on day 4. And have one question. When will I stop feeling like I got hit by a bus the next Morning???? Lol
  • BandBmommy21
    BandBmommy21 Posts: 3 Member
    Starting the intermediate challenge tomorrow... This challenge was just what I needed for motivation!
  • BandBmommy21
    BandBmommy21 Posts: 3 Member
    Looking forward to starting tomorrow!
  • weightlosinmama
    weightlosinmama Posts: 1 Member
    I just found this group! Excited to start the walking challenge tomorrow. I've been looking for a fitness challenge to jump start my walking.
  • lkarlheim
    lkarlheim Posts: 5 Member
    Hello everyone! My name is Linda and my end goal is to run a 10K but I am very out of shape and will start with walking. (That 10K is a looooong term goal.) I'm a few days late but I'm going to jump in starting tomorrow and pick up on day 6. Best wishes, everyone, we can do this!!
  • kmhoch14
    kmhoch14 Posts: 1
    Hello, my name is Kathy. I decided to join to help meet the goal of 10000 steps a day. My work has a 6 week 10000 step challenge that starts April 6 so I thought the support here might help me get and stay on track.
  • 1968Mazz
    1968Mazz Posts: 1 Member
    Hi everyone, well today is day one of my challenge. My name is Marion and I admit that there are days that I am lazy so hopefully I will do this challenge, it's not that I cant do it, it is a case that I don't do it and that is bad I am my own worst enemy. So here is to getting it done. Onwards and upwards.
  • seeingthelight
    seeingthelight Posts: 128 Member
    Hi - my name is Sue and I need to get fit. I walked two miles today with one of Leslie's videos- does anyone know how many steps that is?? I like her videos as they get my heart rate up a bit more than actual walking-so ---here goes!
  • Joylseve
    Joylseve Posts: 4 Member
    Hi everyone! I'm Joyce and I'm starting the 10000 steps a day challenge today. As of right this minute I have 8372 steps for today. I'm hoping this challenge will keep me accountable. Let's do it!
  • adriechina
    Hi, I'm Adrie. I started the challenge on Sunday, but am making it "official" today. I've used Leslie's walking DVDs for a long time (heck, I started w VHS tapes), but have gotten out of the habit (and gotten out of shape!), in the past couple of years. Need to get back on track and I believe this is a good way to start. OK, time to get walking!! Good luck everyone.
  • andspeedwaynut
    andspeedwaynut Posts: 1 Member
    hi, already doing 8 - 10 000 steps a day so looking forward to increasing it, if I can eeekk
  • cdwinters
    cdwinters Posts: 48 Member
    Hello - my name is Crystal and I am trying to lose quite a bit of weight. I purchased a Fitbit for myself about a month ago and have it set for a daily goal of 10,000 steps. So would my steps each day count for this or is this meant to be in one session?
  • JoyLaine
    JoyLaine Posts: 110 Member
    Hello everyone! My goal is to walk DAILY and with the weather warming up in Oregon enough that I won't mind walking in the rain it's doable. Motivation = Meeting my goals of losing weight and getting fitter. This looks like just the place to get going!
  • tracee53
    tracee53 Posts: 3 Member
    Hello all. I plan to start the 30 day walking challenge tomorrow. It will be easier for me since it is the first day of May. Good luck to all and to me.

  • tops2kopsville
    tops2kopsville Posts: 32 Member
    Happy May day yesterday I did over 10000 I will work on it for May. My name is Leslie I am in TOPS I have a hard time getting started. but i am going to walk a als 5k in september so want to get ready for it.
  • vicky1947mfp
    vicky1947mfp Posts: 1,527 Member
    Hi. My name is Vicky and I am from N. Carolina.

    I have been doing the 10,000 steps for a little while now. But I had foot surgery Wednesday and I am so lost without being able to walk. It will be a few days yet but I am going to check out this challenge.

    I only have 3.8 lbs to go to meet my goal.
    And I have been walking and working out for about 3 years now. It has become such a habit that I don't like it when I have to miss for any reason (which is rare). One can always find a place to walk.

    Looking forward to all the good advice in this group.
  • tannimo
    tannimo Posts: 1 Member
    Hi all walkers. My name is Sandy from West Virginia. I have started the walking challenge but I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been having flare ups of various joints from the activity. So I have to skip days to let my joints recover and the inflammation to leave. But I am hanging in there and hope to be able to continue and then increase my walking time as my body allows.
  • boniefingers
    boniefingers Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, I started the challenge when it was first posted in the blogs and was so inspired I have kept working at increasing (or at least maintaining) my steps everyday. I have found that I have more energy during the day and find it hard to sit still at my desk. I've even started planning how to sneak in a short walk during lunch (without getting too sweaty that I run my coworkers out of the building). I haven't felt this good in a long time. smiley: