Okay .... I'm going to start on Monday!



  • cindip63
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    Hi everyone! I started the program last Monday, April 13th and can I say I love it! Love this program. Today was week one weigh in, lost 4 pounds. This is significant for me because I achieved it by eating lots of food, good food! I have not once felt deprived. I'm not drinking the shakes either. In the past I would skip meals, awful habits. Some may think the containers are gimmicky but they truly work. I work out daily to the 21 day fix dvd's, love it, 30 minutes and your done. Last night was yoga, very relaxing but still worked muscles. Here's to wishing us all great success!!
  • SatiaRenee
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    @cindip63 I'm right there with you. Sure the containers are gimmicky but you know what? My husband is diabetic and we measure everything, using a food scale. We track how many carbs, proteins, EVERYTHING! And I didn't consistently lose weight until I started using those containers. And I'm definitely eating better because I wasn't eating as much fruit before. (I was probably eating more veggies, however.)

    4lbs is great!
  • aryat1979
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    I'm so glad & happy that I found this community!! I just started the 21 day fix program yesterday. Did the workout & ate pretty close to the program as possible. This morning I was super sore!! So I might have done it right. Lol. Excited to see what week 1 brings. Loving this group so much already!! Keep it up ladies!!