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Hello everyone. I'm new here, and I'm so glad to find a community where my out-of-whack body doesn't make me feel like an oddball!

I had been trying to cope old-school, like my mom and grandmother who just suffered silently, but when the pounds started creeping on after fatigue made it nearly impossible for me to work out, I finally broke down and went to see my gynecologist. In addition to the "normal" symptoms of perimenopause, she also found uterine fibroids, which she said likely account for my heavier than normal periods (which were already much heavier than I was comfortable with). She prescribed a low dose birth control pill, which I am now in my second week of taking, hoping that lessens my most severe symptoms.

If I could just shake the fatigue so I can drag my ever widening butt out of bed an hour earlier to exercise, I would consider it a success. Before the fatigue set in, I had begun weightlifting and lost about 15 lbs (still leaving me about 10 lbs overweight). Of course, I have now put on an additional 10 lbs., so I actually need to lose about 35 lbs. :(


  • suruda
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    don't you wish we could just "flip a switch" and be done with it? seriously...I'm so over periods!
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    suruda wrote: »
    don't you wish we could just "flip a switch" and be done with it? seriously...I'm so over periods!

    I want that switch!
  • momanem35
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    It's funny, but I was reading reviews for dong quai, and one woman who hadn't had a period in 3 years was so excited because she finally had one again. I'd be thrilled to go 3 years without it! I've missed 3 periods in the last year, and each time it happened, I would begin each day chanting "Please don't let it come, please let me be done with it."
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    Hi Welcome, this menopause is complete BS and I wish I was done with it...No period for at least 5 years now but the fatigue and weight gain is killing me....Can't pass a bakery without gaining 10 lbs just from walking frustrating...tried lots of weight loss solution with no result...I will send you a friend request trying to get here everyday
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    The 'instant' weight gain is ridiculous! The fatigue is awful. Somedays I have tons of energy and get a lot accomplished then the other days it's all I can do to drink coffee and attempt to be a human.
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    My last pregnancy was twins and afterward my uterus wouldn't contract completely so my periods were really heavy. In 2007 I had an endometrial ablation so no more's been heaven as it was like having gone through menopause w/o all the side effects....Sadly those started last summer...ugh