New to 5:2 & starting today!

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Hey guys!

I'm new to 5:2 and decided to give it a shot starting today! It's almost 12:30pm and I'm feeling pretty good....and only 5 more hours till dinner! =P I read lots of of your posts about how you manage hunger pains so thanks for all the ideas! (gum has been a great suggestion!)

So far I feel ok...just a little shaky/lightheaded but nothing too bad. I'm going on 17 hours of liquids only. I've noticed that I'm watching the clock and breaking progress into hourly, at 10am I'll have another coffee. At 11am, I'll refill my iced tea. At 12pm I'll have some gum, and so forth. Anyone else do this too? It must be a mental thing, but it's making this day feel less overwhelming! And that I have a tasty dinner to look forward to in 5 hours =)

Hope you're having a great day!


  • angela233Z
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    welcome - I have to say, for me, the first fast was the hardest. I wasn't sure if I would make it and i did exactly like you. Little treats every hour.

    good luck

  • SofaKween
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    Hi Fairy - I hope the day is still going well for you.

    Perfectly normal for me to feel hungry at times during a FD but I just keep well hydrated, keep busy and ignore it.

    Enjoy your dinner!
  • Marmitegeoff
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    Welcome Fairy
    I find that a fast day is easier if I have NO carbs. In fact nothing until evening meal then only protein and green veg. but loads of liquid. My wife has to have a yoghurt or egg mid morning, to help her through the FD. Remember Pudding tomorrow. :)
  • mrsBlacow2015
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    Water! Water and more water!! I save most of my calories for my evening meal. It gets me tgrough the day knowing i've got a nice healthy meal to look forward to. I found my first week easy and then the two or three weeks harder. Its now a doddle- i've been doing it since mid november. I love it!

  • FoxyMars25
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    Yep! That is what I do, I drink black coffee, green tea, herbal tea (once I have had enough caffeine and my head starts to hurt :-P), and then water and herbal tea in the afternoon. I will grab a mint or some gum as well. And save my 500 calories for dinner. Sometimes I do start getting pretty hungry by 4:00pm so I make sure I have sliced cucumber with me at work (only about 25 cal) which helps until I get home and make dinner.
  • jknight001
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    Welcome to the group! Feel free to post questions as you need to. You will find this a very welcoming place.
  • m1oscar
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    You will need to try different things to see what works best for you. I try to have a 200 calorie lunch of tuna, a bagel thin and lettuce then snacks in the late afternoon like a bit of cottage cheese or almonds then a light dinner around 200 calories with plenty of veggies. Tilapia and green beans for my meal tonight. I drink a ton of water on fast days and squirt some Mio in it for flavor. You will be hungry on fast days but they seem to get easier with time and knowing I can eat tomorrow helps so much! My Friday weigh in is what keeps me on track Thursday night. :) Best of luck!
  • linux40
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    Hope you`re still doing ok on 5:2 :) I think the first fast was the worst. Now I`m used to it and actually like the fastdays, I get things done ;) And by eating pretty "clean" on the fastingdays and loads of proteins and veggies you keep yourself out of hunger. Good luck to you :)