Sleepy after eating?

blairmundy Posts: 219 Member
I've found that if I don't get quite enough sleep at night that when I eat I get very sleepy. If I am able to nap it can knock me out for a few hours, but usually I've got too much going on to even try and I just feel slow all day. It always happens after I eat. Am I maybe not getting enough fuel and my body needs to conserve energy to digest? I'm usually ok if I've gotten 7 or more hours the previous night but that isn't always possible.


  • grim_traveller
    grim_traveller Posts: 626 Member
    Does it vary with different foods? A carb heavy meal would do that to you.
  • blairmundy
    blairmundy Posts: 219 Member
    Yesterday it was cheese with a few crackers. Normally I wouldn't say it was super carb-heavy, but I suppose that is carb-heavy for someone who doesn't/shouldn't eat many carbs. I'll try to pay attention to that and cut the crackers.