Measuring time! (Challenge so far)

anjani_009 Posts: 511 Member
I woke up today and almost forgot it was time to measure myself. It's been two weeks into this challenge already and I am really loving it! The first week we had the exercise challenge and I continued with that. The diary challenge was actually helpful as well! And it was fun to help others too :)
I measured myself and lost almost 1 lbs this week! I was so happy! I've been seeing a lot of loses this week already, great job everyone!

How do you guys find the challenging so far? How much have you lost this week?

Looking forward to this weeks challenge! c:
Btw, could the challenge be put into the group info?


  • adchill
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    I am loving it. I really like the challenging of the dairy because it is helping me tremendously. I lost this week because I have been struggling for a bit. Thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!
  • daisymae850
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    This challenge has been great so far! I leave for vacation on July 4th and I am so excited to see how much more I can lose before I get on the plane :) I have not bought a measuring tape yet but I am definitely losing inches, I feel it in my clothes!

    In total I have lost 13.2 since the start of this challenge and this week I have lost 3.8 :):):):):)
  • The challenge is going well for me, I'm getting a lot of FEEDBACK...I'm not a very good eater, but just being aware of my caloric intake has done wonders.

    And knowing that I'm going to weigh in each Friday and be on that spreadsheet for all to see if motivating. For me it's motivating to see if I can climb the overall rankings too :)
  • NewMomNewME24
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    I had a bad week - but not back to my starting weight. My choices weren't the greatest and I need to change up exercises a little. I don't know why but yesterday and today I am really tired.

    I didn't hear from the person above or below me regarding my diary. I slacked with a soda a couple days this week - damn my husband for keeping them in the house! lol I have no willpower.

    Good luck to you all!! Tomorrow is a new day for me! :)
  • rparkman
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    Having the spreadsheet is awesome motivation. Especially since most of my pals are already fit and could care less about eating right.
  • anjani_009
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    Great to see everyone is enjoying this challenge as much as I do! And if anyone needs any extra motivation, feel free to add me (:

    Keep up the good work everyone!!