Wednesday June 17, 2015

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  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    hi everyone,

    Still at it, sorry I haven't posted! I am up early to get ready for work today. Today will be rest day for me. Got 6K run in on Monday and yesterday was Chalean Extreme.

    Hope you all have a good day, I need to get caught up from the weekend!
  • FromHereOnOut
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    ^this is something that I really believe.

    My back is still very very bad. :( Between this and my calf problems, I think my body is trying to tell me something about my posture, or too much sitting, or posterior chain weakness. It's up to me to listen.
  • agingwithfitness
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    Hope it gets better soon Sherry.

    Our allignment on both cars ended up being just my car because both cars needed extra work and of course a bunch of money. All this traveling is taking its toll on our used cars. Mine is a 2006 Subaru, mike has 88 BMW...don't ask..can't get him to sell...his baby, even though it costs more to fix.

    While waiting for cars saw a fun 3D movie San Andreas, thought it could happen about huge earthquakes in CA.

    Some walking not enough. Sinus stuff better today.