Thursday June 18, 2015

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  • maureli
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    Good afternoon

    Yesterday was my day off from exercise. Thought I would feel invigorated this morning on my run....but NOPE...I did not. But, I still did 8K - a bit slower than I'd hoped. Oh well. Tonight I am going to dinner with some of the girls from work. I think I will be able to make good choices....there are lots of good things to pick from where we are going.

    sherry - so sorry that your back is still not good. Really hope that you find some relief soon!

    Marla - yes, I'm sure you are putting the miles on the vehicles with all the driving. I just got over a sinus cold, thankfully I don't have allergies. Hope yours are feeling better!
  • agingwithfitness
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    Maureli have fun at dinner :)

    I am finally feeling better today, doing everything almost perfect with home remedies for sinus stuff. Hoping i can keep it gone.

    I went for 2 mile walk to slowly get back into exercise and did some running spurts to get away from traffic a few times, mostly walking along vineyard in Napa, just roads around here are busy.

    Hubby is getting dental work done out of town and my car is still in shop so i have quiet rare day alone, looking forward to it.

    Older daughter and mom coming to visit tomorrow for a few days, they live a hour away. Then going to visit mike's daughter on fathers day.
  • FromHereOnOut
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    Have a nice dinner Maureen! Good job on the 8k, even slowish is better than nothing.
    Marla glad you're feeling better and just in time for mother daughter weekend and Father's Day.

    Well I got out of the house today, to take the kids to the tutor, despite stormy skies. Storm miraculously averted and I did some slow walking to try to help my back and I think it did help a little. I'm now getting close to "go time" for packing, etc. Idk what I'll be up to Friday and Sat, but Sunday, we travel pretty much all day Sunday from early in Greece, until nearly midnight EDST. I'll try to log in to hold my streak, but that's it.
  • Aprilfoolbride
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    Maureen, perfect threadstarter!

    Marla, vineyard walking? Now you're just bragging :)

    Sherry, glad to hear that your back is starting to feel better.

    Have had a few good days in a row and am starting to feel calmer. For me, it's all about the planning and prep. I've also started making double dinners twice a week so we don't have to cook every night. Last night was taco night and it's taco night again tonight. I either make a double meal on Sunday night for Sunday and Monday or do the prep for Monday/Tuesday night. It's when nothing's ready and I'm soooooooo hungry that we order two pizzas, wings, and dessert.

    Trying to count my blessings and feel grateful instead of upset and bratty. I have lots to be grateful for!

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    April I live alone so I try to make 2 servings of dinner for that same reason. Makes it so much easier! Tonight I had half a steak and tomorrow will have the other half.

    Sherry hope your back does okay with all the traveling!

    I ran today for the first time since April 22. Per the doctor it was run/walk intervals (C25K) on a soft surface (the high school track, which was just resurfaced last year). It was 71° F & sunny with a light breeze. Total of 30 minutes (8 running & 22 walking) and I went 1.83 miles. Came out to a 16:24 minute mile which isn't bad considering how much of that was walking, and I was deliberately trying not to go very fast. Then I went to the gym, stretched a bit, then had my trainer session where we did legs & core.
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    Hi guys. I'm still around just on vacation so I've only been logging exercise. Lots of amusement park walking in my exercise future.
  • agingwithfitness
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    Laura sounds like you are healing...we all are pushing back sickness.

    April...ha ha...too many vineyards to count around here, very pretty but in reality they need to get rid of some, too much to water in the drought. When i was raised here as a child only 15 winieries, must be 400 now...insane!