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TGIF!! June 19, 2015

maureli Posts: 722 Member


  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    Dinner was good last night with the girls from work. I had seafood and did splurge on some sweet potato fries. I NEVER get fries when we go out, I honestly don't remember the last time I did. But, they are so good at this restaurant I decided to have some. Next time I'll opt for the salad. lol I did however, skip dessert (I was way too full anyway)

    Planning to do a Chalean workout today. Tomorrow we are going to my sisters cottage for the day....a 2 hour drive each way. Its kind of a family thing, everyone is bringing food and we'll have a potluck. At least its giving nice weather.

    Laura - so happy to hear about your sucessful run/walk!!!

    Sammy - enjoy your vacation :)

    April - I often cook lots so we can have leftovers here too. Prep and planning really is so important

    Sherry - glad that you were able to get out there for a walk....hope the back stays ok

    Marla - a quite day alone is always nice :) Enjoy your visit with your daughter and mom
  • agingwithfitness
    agingwithfitness Posts: 1,404 Member
    Company coming at 4, going for walk soon. Sinus is ok today. Woke up with pain on right buttock and back a bit, i was doing some weird lifting and twisting cleaning yesterday, hoping to walk it off.
  • FromHereOnOut
    FromHereOnOut Posts: 3,237 Member
    Hey! Today I walked like yesterday and it helped my back some more, which is good bc I woke up with it in bad shape today. Also calf pain still in my right leg. :( Been having same mystery chest tightness problems as this time last year. It lasted all summer and drove me crazy, unable to sleep. Have a feeling it'll stay with me all Summer this year. It's probably the worst of all bc it is so annoying and mysterious and no way of helping it. I don't understand how I go from running around, being active, running, going to the gym, to feeling like I'm afraid to even walk fastish and unable to sleep. :( I just want my old wellness back. Well anyway, packing up to go! TGIF y'all!