Sunday June 21, 2015

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  • maureli
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    good morning

    We had a good "family" day at my sisters cottage yesterday. It was also a surprise baby shower for my niece, so that was nice and made it fun. Only got home around 9pm, yesterday I didn't get any exercise in at all and spent 4 hours sitting in the car driving. lol Also got a wee bit of sunburn

    Val - I am sure it will be a great day once hubby is graduated and you have your partner in crime back in action. Sounds like quite a hectic time for you, but here is a light at the end of that tunnel! You can make it

    Marla - very nice on the hike with your daughter julie. Much to look forward to!

    Sherry - enjoy your trip, and so glad to hear that your back is feeling better!

    Going to moms for lunch today, and then I plan to do a Chalean workout this afternoon. Its giving heavy rain this afternoon so I won't be running. Hope you all had a good weekend!
  • agingwithfitness
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    Had brunch with step daughter, her husband and mine then we went for a walk.

    Warm and sunny here. Spending late afternoon getting ready for travel again, going back to arcata for 4 days again tomorrow.
  • Aprilfoolbride
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    ^^great thread starter!

    Just wanted to check in and say I'm doing okay. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. And if you celebrate Father's Day, I hope that was nice too.

    Marla, your trip sounds great so far.

    Valma, I'm going to PM you for recipes. It sounds like this summer is the home stretch for you!

    Sherry, safe travels! What an exciting adventure you're on. And you're about to be surrounded by peeps with American accents ;)

    Laura, hope you feel a lot better & fast!
  • FromHereOnOut
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    Made it! Been awake a little over 24 hrs now. Time for sleep, will check in later.