Wednesday June 24, 2015

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  • maureli
    maureli Posts: 722 Member
    Morning all!

    It will be a slow exercise week for me. Today I work from 2-8 so I have all morning to myself. I will go for a run, and I think the sun is even coming out!

    Laura - ouch on the wrist....makes me cringe just thinking about it!

    Sherry - where exactly is it that you're going again, I can't remember??

    Marla - the japanese food sounds delicious!

  • FromHereOnOut
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    Hi Maureen, I'm in Tennessee and going to North Carolina next week, and eventually to the DC area. I'm in good Southern food land and my diet is not faring too well. My dad made bbq ribs today. They were amazing, but I just can't get control of myself in the face of food I never ever have access to in Greece.

    Anyway, had to do some shopping today. Other than that, I've been trying to stay barefoot and so far it's helped my leg but I've still got a ways to go. Might go shoe shopping tomorrow. If I can get my leg feeling better, I'll try running again and then join the gym after next week's beach trip. I've managed to gain back everything I'd lost since January, as is always the case when I come here and why I can't seem to progress year after year...too much inconsistency, between injuries and diet snafus. :-(

    Hope everyone is proving well!