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    Welcome @Marillian .
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    Hi Marillian,

    Welcome to the group. As you already know even big weight loss is achievable - just not overnight. Just keep plugging one day, then one week at a time. Time is going to go by whether you are trying to lose weight or not, so make today and every day the first day of your new life. There is a terrific bunch of folks in this group. You will find lots of great motivation and new things to try to help you succeed in this mission. Yes, I too have been on every diet there is, but with this way of eating and the support of some great folks here on MFP I have been more successful than I have in the past. It's not a miracle bullet and does require patience and every day is a new challenge. Welcome again. I look forward to hearing about your successes and trials.

    P.S. Thanks for helping our feline friends.
    Kind regards, Slimz
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    aww too bad...she3m87pfulf.gif